new awareness campaign on pet ownership

new awareness campaign on pet ownership

Alicante needs you to become a cleaner city. Alicante City Council’s Department of Street Cleaning and Waste Management and concessionaire UTE Alicante announced a meeting this Thursday. awareness campaign on pet ownership He will visit the eight areas with the highest animal presence in the city.

The action aims to directly inform pet owners about their rights and obligations and collecting feces and cleaning urine to get a cleaner Alicante.

Manuel Villar, Councilor for Environment, Street Cleaning and Waste Management, and Parks and Gardens, said, “From Thursday, November 24 to December 4, a spot of the city will be visited every day with a booth attended by two environmentalists, educators characterized by the presence of a large number of pets. . A total of eight areas where materials will be distributed for the entertainment of animals. and for the collection of feces and urine cleansing”.

[AAP Primadomus, el refugio de animales más grande de Europa que está en una localidad de Alicante]

The awareness stand will be set up at the entrance of Babel Market on Avenida de México on Thursday 24th, and in Plaza la Viña in the afternoon. In the coming days, Plaza de España (25th), Tossal Park (26th), Cochera de Tranvías Park (27th) will be visited and joint action will be held with the Animal Protection Department, Rodolfo Salazar Street (1 December), Parque lo Morant (2nd). . day), Miriam Blasco street (day 3) and Dr. Jiménez Díaz street (day 4).

“Your dog also makes Alicante cleaner”
Under the slogan “Your dog makes Alicante cleaner too” and the brand “You do Alicante”, which includes awareness campaigns for the City Council of UTE Alicante, Two environmental educators will tour eight areas with a large influx of pets with a mobile booth to raise awareness, directly, to the pet owner citizen, from the rights and obligations to keep parks and gardens and public spaces clean from animal feces and urine.

Thus, for two full weeks, pet owners will be able to find their mobile stands where they will be informed about their obligations as owners, learn or pick up the closest Alicante dog parks to their homes. a bag dispenser to collect feces or a small bottle for cleaning urineAmong other things.

In order for this to be a fun and educational space and go viral on social networks, the booth will also have various events. christmas themed photo booths take pictures with your pet and messages of commitment to keeping the city cleaner every day.

The campaign will also report on “Fake News about Poops” and is part of the #AlicantePetFriendly initiative because although organized by the cleaning department, animal protection agency cooperation.

In short, in the department’s words, “a campaign that seeks to ensure that pets in Alicante enjoy all the rights that correspond to them, but in turn let their owners know their obligation to respect others and that the public spaces they walk in”.

Thus, one of the slogans that the campaign will address is “you are responsible for what you loveAccording to Villar, she integrates pets and the city of Alicante itself to “live better every day, among all of us, in this wonderful city.”

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