Opposition opposes Valencia municipality on charges of “homeless”

La oposición carga contra el gobierno municipal de València por los "sintecho"

spokesperson for PP inside Valencia City Council, Maria José Katalaposted an internal memo to: Joan Ribo to ask Extraordinary Advisory Board “One thing that worries us is the cold weather and the situation of the homeless in Valencia. We want to know what tools the City Council is using to fully deal with people sleeping on the street”. “I see with concern that nothing extra is being done except a banner hung on the balcony of the town hall, that there is no municipal shelter with enough space to house all the homeless, that NGOs are going out and reporting the homeless,” Catalá continues. A situation that exists in Valencia and the number of homeless people in Valencia is increasing day by day.Last week, a person died of cold on the street. and this cannot be factory of the myaclet It is a situation that needs to be resolved. It’s time to take things seriously,” he added.

Recalling that there are works that cannot be delayed in this area, the spokesperson of the people said, “We must strengthen the forces. local police patrol X4 to serve these people; you have to find a place for the new hostel and Social Services should be provided with the necessary budget and resources as they deal with the most vulnerable groups in the city”.

While there were 570 people living homeless in 2019, according to the report submitted to the Social Welfare Commission in 2021 last year, 754 more people, 184 people, were left homeless in the city. “The Homeless Social Response Strategy 2022-2027,” recalls its popular leader.

lack of resources

spokesperson for himself citizens in Valencia City Hall, Fernando Gunerlamented the scarcity of municipal housing resources for the homeless in Valencia and denounced that the places offered “do not cover even a third of the maximum vulnerable people”. In this sense, according to municipal reports, there are 2,812 homeless in slums, residential areas or substandard housing. “However, the Ribó government has only offered 673 places.”

“I want to remember that the homeless are not just those who live on the street. They are also those who live in settlements, barracks or substandard housing,” he condemned. Therefore, he detailed that the Social Services Department itself reports on the number of homeless people in its annual reports: 754 homeless, 815 living in barracks or residential areas and 1,243 substandard housing. “So over 2,800 people for 673 places. This does not seem like a figure that the government will be able to withstand,” said Giner on this issue.

a few changes

Likewise, the spokesperson for the liberal establishment reported that the space increase between 2021 and 2022 was “almost zero”. Thus, he explained that 666 places were offered in 2021, while the increase increased to 673 with only seven in 2022. “Meanwhile, the increasing number of homeless. Specifically, 12.6%. From 2,497 people who unfortunately had to experience this situation in 2021, to 2,812 people who currently exist,” he said.

In this sense, it is censored. The Ribó government’s lack of foresight and specifically, “a lack of interest in putting an end to a situation that has made the lives of so many people so difficult.” “The worst part is that the vast majority of the housing resources that the city of Valencia has are contracted with charities, because the number of purely municipal spaces is ridiculously low.”

“The worst part is that the vast majority of housing resources are organized by charities, because the number of purely municipal places is ridiculously low”

Thus, the councilor of the liberal formation, Javier CopovYes, from 251 places in shelters Social Services Department, only 43 are theirs: “And 18 of them are from the climate emergency center, which is so understaffed in the face of the cold season,” he said. Regarding housing, only 10 of the 86 places correspond to municipal services, the rest have to deal with charities.

“But the situation is even worse when: Cooperation and Migrationbecause while the number of places offered by the City Council alone is 0, associations that open the existing 329 places to the use of the public.”

lack of housing

In these lines, the mayor of the liberal formation also announced that the Valencia City Council will come into action in 2022. allocated 120,000 euros to write two projects Multifunctional housing for the homeless “not built or in operation”, as well as not significantly increasing places, a commitment envisioned in the Social Services Plan 2019-2023.

“We were trying to avoid exactly that when we presented the housing bill at the last general assembly, but unfortunately the government rejected it,” Giner said. “València has a serious social housing problem right now, and during the eight-year Ribó government almost nothing was done. Therefore, we have proposed the granting of municipal land for the construction of new housing estates. buy and improve houseso that the public park can be expanded more easily.”

“Although it is clear that Valencia has a serious problem in providing shelter resources to people in maximum vulnerability, the government of course does not want to listen to our offers and has rejected them.”

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