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Alberto Rigail Cedeño

After an exciting day of tension and shouting, we Ecuadorians continue to celebrate. Of course we deserve it. We proudly celebrate what we left behind: the determination and courage of a team that is a mixture of youth and experience, almost all humble children from small towns. Celebrating the end of a legend that doomed us to lose the opening game. Congratulations on getting everything back even though our goal was canceled for technical reasons.

The doubts and intrigues of previous weeks are over. If we can always agree on something after tri pitch, it’s the love and hope that seeing our National Team creates for us. Election is a miracle without explanation.

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And of course, let’s talk about the wonderful views off the pitch… Our fellow countrymen who painted all parts of that distant stadium yellow. Ecuadorians all over the world proudly occupy bars, squares or university halls, proudly wearing their country’s skin and singing the national anthem to their fullest. And the next day, a positive Monday, full of good energy, encouragement and smiles. A joy for a town that needs hope amid all the bad news.

And of course, we continue to celebrate “Ecuadorians” that only we understand and can celebrate, like our bars cheering for beer in a country that has banned beer; and thousands of famous memes and phrases that pop up in seconds.

What a great example we have in sports, a summary of how each project should be handled…

We instill our Latin, South American, Ecuadorian habits into everything. A unique DNA.

A spark that ignites us beyond football. And of course, it shines for good and bad. The spark that also makes us stand in solidarity with others and make us jump in line at traffic lights.

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If we Ecuadorians are clear on one thing, it’s that our troubled history has been a long mix of heroes and villains that intertwine to write every page; But at times like these, it’s easy to imagine that this wonderful partnership could permeate the rest of the story.

What a great example we have in sport, a summary of how any collaborative project should be managed to make it work.

As a team, we must learn a little from our own example: agreeing on the big issues that concern us. Work as a team to try big things. Being able to bring out individualities to give rise to other people’s ideas. Putting our esteemed men forward and trusting them, even if we don’t agree with everything they do.

In short, imagining that we can manage this small team on and off the field.

From this corner, we congratulate those who formed the national football team for this great joy they have given to a people in need of happiness. For arrogantly representing a nation small but fighting, unyielding and deserving of better days like those ahead of La Tri at this World Cup.

Come on Tri! (ANYONE)

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