Piastri is in a similar situation to Ricciardo’s McLaren F1

Piastri is in a similar situation to Ricciardo's McLaren F1

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After the legal dispute between them Mclaren Y alpContract Recognition Board Decided in favor of the Woking structure and Oscar Piastri, the young Formula 2 champion of 2021, got away with it. So from 2023, he will be the pilot of the papaya colored team.

For this reason, and although relations between both teams did not end in the best way, both They reached an agreement to exempt the Australian pilot from the contract still tying him to he could start working with McLaren, because keeping him didn’t help Enstone either.

That’s why Piastri was able to play the US post-season test last Tuesday. formula 1 In Abu Dhabi, dressed in the colors of the British team and sporting all of his sponsors, it is not. Fernando AlonsoAs a result of the contract that tied him to the French until 31 December, he had to be a pilot. aston martin no sponsors in an all-black jumpsuit and a black and white camouflage helmet.

Having completed his first test at the wheel of a Woking car, the Australian teenager expressed his feelings and admitted that he was very happy to start working with McLaren.

“It’s a great feeling, it’s very different from the young drivers test I did last year. great first step for next season“.

“My first day at McLaren was incredible, I was able to meet everyone on the team and work to come next year more prepared.”

“I’ll be at the factory for the official launch next week and meet everyone, so I’m looking forward to it, I still have a lot of people to meet,” he said.

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Going into more detail and analyzing complications Daniel Ricciardo After his first test with his young compatriot with the same car, he revealed that he was in a similar situation. MCL36because he had to change his driving style, although he also admitted that it was nothing too serious or alarming.

“I believe it I’m a little like him in that sense but I think One of the challenges of this sport is getting fit.“.

“Every car is different and they’re constantly evolving, so you have to change your driving style every year in every situation”.

“So yes, There are things I need to change a little bit but nothing completely new or weird.put it somehow. Frankly, I still don’t know everything about the car”, explained the new teammate. Lando Norris in 2023

Comparing the 2022 and 2021 cars, he said, “I think there is a noticeable difference in low speed corners and in terms of weight.”

“It’s like a sports car in some ways. formula 2But overall it’s much more similar to old Formula 1 cars.”

Oscar Piastri He also had time to compare the 2022 McLaren and 2021 Alpine and concluded: most different between the twoDespite the change in technical regulation, is the unit of power.

“The engine first mercedes it feels good, so different [Renault] The Alp I rode in 2021,” said Piastri.

“But of course it’s hard to say without a direct comparison with other cars on the track.

“We tried a lot of different things in the car today. There are definitely some areas that we need to focus more on. I analyze and plan everything.”

“Instead of looking at where we are in terms of lap times that don’t matter today, I tried to learn as much as possible and see where we could improve.”

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