Possible explanation for the mystery of the sheep circling in China 3 weeks ago | Society

Possible explanation for the mystery of the sheep circling in China 3 weeks ago |  Society

A viral video showed a flock of sheep walking together in an almost perfect circle. The odd behavior may respond to “frustration at being confined and in the corral” or as a defense mechanism against a potential predator.

Although it may seem like a paranormal phenomenon, the explanation the circling sheep phenomenon It may be simpler than it seemed 19 days ago in China.

Let’s remember that these days, a series of videos of citizens and security cameras were released showing a flock of sheep walking in a perfect circle on a farm in the area. Inner MongoliaIt is located in the north of the Asian country.

The animals have been doing this group act since November 4. The walk is clockwise.

according to the slogan ClarionSome experts, such as the British veterinary company Molecare Farm Vets, have suggested that sheep may have listeriosis, a well-known bacterial disease. However, the farmer said that the animals are in good health.

According to international media, the woman, whose name is Ms. Miao, said that the circle started with a few sheep and then the rest joined.

He also explained that although there are 34 coops in his farm, only those at number 13 adopt this behavior.

Possible explanation for the phenomenon of sheep walking in circles

Matt Bell, a professor in the Department of Agriculture at Hartpury University in Gloucester (England), offered a possible explanation for the phenomenon in Newsweek.

​“The sheep seem to be kept in the cage for a long time and this can lead to stereotypical behavior with repeated turns due to frustration with being penned and confined”stated the expert.

“Then other sheep join them as they are herd animals and join or join their friends,” he added.

The expert pointed out that sheep have a “herd mentality” that dominates most of the lives of these animals.

This social behavior allows them to protect themselves from predators.

On the other hand, the theory of listeriosis put forward by other experts was born because this bacterial disease can cause inflammation in the brain, causing animals to walk in a circle or suffer a kind of paralysis.

Some zoologists also point out: Some groups of animals act this way when they feel threatened by predators. In fact, it does this by placing it in the center of the circle to protect weaker animals such as reindeer and bison, calves and their mothers.

“Herd mentality”

A study published in 2012 by Andrew King, a researcher at the Royal Veterinary College, University of London, reveals that they do not live in herds because they are social, but in herds to ensure their survival.

as he collects english channel bbc, subject experts confirm that the movements of animals in the herd are not random. The sheep are just trying to protect themselves.

For example, they state that sheep tend to hide from the crowd of the herd when danger comes to them, such as dogs.

“Being part of a large group makes it less likely to be eaten by a predator,” the BBC emphasizes.

Case of reindeer walking in circles

But this isn’t the first time animals have adopted this behavior.

It went viral last year after a video was released of a group of reindeer forming an almost perfect circle as recorded. BioBioChile.

On this occasion, animal behavior experts explained that it’s called a “reindeer cyclone” and is common in this species.

Reindeer do this when threatened by one or more predators as part of their survival instinct.

This way, predators like wolves can’t circle around in search of the weakest prey, so they usually give up.

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