Return of Olentzero and Mari Domingi’s Kalejira and the Three Kings Parade

La pista de hielo vuelve, un año más, al Arenal. Foto: EFE.


Christmas 2022


Olentzero and Mari Domingi will be received on December 23, and the Three Wise Men on January 5. Bilbao City Council presented the #BilbaoGabonak project, which offers free admission and more than 80 inclusive “quality and accessible” entertainment events until January 6th.

this Bilbao City Hall presented his project this wednesday #BilbaoGabonak for Christmas 2022, an initiative that offers more than 80 “quality and accessible” entertainment appointments that will be inclusive with free admission from now until January 6 to make the coming weeks “a complete culture, plans, illusion, fun and entertainment”. Also educational activities”. Among other keys, Bilbao, Kalejira of Olentzero and Mari Domingion December 23 and parade of kingson January 5th.

Itziar Urtasun, Member of the Festivals Council, emphasized that “Olentzero and Mari Domingi are back to visit us in their original format with their wonderful Kalejiras, and the Three Wise Men will also come in the glorious Parades.” The most anticipated Christmas moments for children in Bilbao.

In this way, as he explained, on Friday, December 23 and Thursday afternoon, January 5, Olentzero, Mari Domingi, the Three Wise Men and their respective courts will once again roam the streets of the city.

will be the first to come Olentzero and Mari Domingi. On December 23, at 18:00, after greeting the families from the balcony of the Hotel Carlton accompanied by the Galtzagorris, Kalejira will begin, and a musical performance will be the final touch until Plaza del Arriaga. That night, the Arriaga Theater will provide shelter for them, and again on Saturday morning, the 24th, Olentzero and Mari Domingi will receive the children.

on his behalf His Majesty the Magi from the East He will take over on the afternoon of Thursday, January 5th, and will reunite with boys and girls and their families in a parade of light, sound and color that will travel via Gran Via to City Hall. The place to take kids like Olentzero who want to share their wishes.

Lights, on the 30th

At 20:00 on 30 November, christmas lights. The lighting has been delayed for a week and the lights will remain on from 6pm to 10pm daily from December 1st to January 8th.

this clue Y ecological ice slide From Thursday, November 24 to January 5, they will return to Arenal Wharf and Ripa Wharf. It will also be installed in Ripa Dock txikiguneWith activities for kids up to 12 years old.

this christmas market del Muelle de Ripa will be open from December 2nd to January 5th, and as a novelty, some stands have been reserved for the Bilbao Statement of Values ​​and Sustainable Development Goals.

more activities

MoreoverThere will be live arts, literature, music, Euskal Folklore, theatre, monologues, magic, clowns and kalejiras and bertsos in squares or neighborhoods. In addition, from Thursday 25 November until 4 January, various churches will host different music offerings that will also reach other parts of Bilbao; For example, as a novelty, the Musika-Música Festival presents a classical music cycle at Azkuna Zentroa on 13, 14 and 15 December at 19:00.

There will also be educational leisure and sports programs for children aged 3-16 with a total of 2,766 places.

All the details of the Christmas program in Bilbao… here.

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