Saredi: “Municipalities have no legal basis in terms of security”

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Security is one of the hot topics on the table, and different political forces are trying to capitalize on the 2023 campaign. The issue came into discussion at the local HCD’s tenth regular session, when the bloc de Juntos came to the fore. a no-confidence request to the mayor, Fernando Espinoza, and the Minister of Citizen Protection, Eduardo Barcat. Meanwhile, Vice President Cristina Fernández touched upon this situation in her speech on the occasion of Militant Day at the ceremony held at Diego Maradona Stadium in La Plata.

In this context, in dialogue El1 Digital, La Matanza Operational Planning Secretary Miguel Saredi made some statements regarding the scope and responsibilities of each provincial level regarding this scourge, emphasizing that “security is the responsibility of the provinces, in the case of La Matanza Buenos Aires, in the case of La Matanza, Buenos Aires.” If it includes the federal powers and the Judiciary, simultaneously the nation”.

The local official described “what happened in La Matanza as unjust”, after stressing the importance of resolving crime and crime-related issues that concern major cities. While the municipalities have no legal basis and responsibility for security, the municipality and the mayor are embraced for security,” he said.

“State mayors don’t have local or municipal police because all serious decentralization attempts never materialized,” he complained. . However, being preventive and protective is the only thing he can do constitutionally and legally,” he said.

In this line, he stressed that he was “far from being distracted” and that in addition to the Operations Center (COM) operation, the community chief had “achieved something fundamental during this time which was the day-to-day operations of the Gendarmerie and Federal Police.” in different places and places. At this point, he focused on the fact that “La Matanza’s resources are very different from those of other districts, not to mention compared to those in the City.”

“He also understood that the priority is the public’s feelings about the situation,” said Saredi, emphasizing that the administration is “with the neighbors”. “It is not the municipality and neighbors that should ensure our security, but we are in the protection and prevention of citizens. And we have to be together there through different systems of citizen participation,” he concluded.

Saredi, on the other hand, said that regarding his role as the Operational Planning Secretariat, the mayor asked him to play an “inter-agency” role. “This puts all agencies, secretariats, and state officials at the service of security,” he noted, noting that this feature “allows many countries to liberate land from drug trafficking and even guerrillas,” because “it is a concept. that the coordination of all public and private institutions does not care about security.” means putting the strategy at its disposal”.

My security app

Saredi popularized the My Security application, developed by the Buenos Aires Ministry of Security, on its social networks. “When neighbors go to complain they say they don’t get it, it’s too far away or they don’t know how to do it. Therefore, the application is important because it is a very practical, simple, efficient and fast way.”

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