Solidarity action in Majorca | the star song

Solidarity action in Majorca |  the star song

Lto the song don’t ask me why It brought together a group of great conductors from Mallorca, composed by Marc Fosh. most Michelin starred and other culinary appreciations solely for the purpose of raising funds to cooperate in the actions taken World Central Cuisine, by chef José Andrés. “We always get together to cook. solidarity eventso I thought why not do it with a song”, comments Marc Fosh.

The chefs involved are Adrià Quetglas, Santi Taura, Andreu Genestra, Maca de Castro, Fernando Arellano, Tomeu Caldentey, Pau Navarro, Miquel Calent, Ariadna Salvador, Víctor García, Joan Marc Garcias, Jonay Hernández, Lluís Pérez himself and Marc Fosh’.

The music video will be out in a few weeks, but they’ve been working on it for a while. Even Maca de Casto, Fernando Arellano, Santi Taura, Adrià Quetglas and Andreu Genestra have already entered. recording studioIt’s where musicians Sergio Llopis and Jaume Anglada do the arrangements, and it’s an excellent job. “We’re lucky to have them,” says Fosh. During his imprisonment, prestigious conductor Marc Fosh bought a guitar and recomposed it. “I played guitar when I was 14 and recently started again. I have always loved music and during the pandemic I wrote some songs to pass the time. Song don’t ask me why It is a message of peace for the world, not political, with reference to what is happening in Ukraine, with the idea that we can achieve this together”.

In the progress of this philanthropic music project, fourteen chiefs Under the direction of photographer Nando Esteva and Foto Ruano’s Juan Monserrat, together with musicians Jaume Anglada and Sergio Llopis, they gathered in the kitchens of Fernando Arellano’s Zaranda restaurant to record the video clip. Adrià Quetglas, one of the most punctual to the appointment, said: “I’ve been drumming for a long time, but it’s very bad. We met and played with Marc from time to time, but for an escape and disconnect ». Majority has no idea how to singAs Fernando Arellano said, “I’ve always been very musical, but I’ve never played a single instrument. I sing every day and without even realizing it. When I was little I wanted to be a rock star.

Maca de Castro could never have imagined she would sing. “No, I don’t sing, but I wouldn’t have thought I’d participate in a song either. Although I do it to help, but that’s not my job ». Tomeu Caldentey says, “I always turn on music, both at home and when I’m cooking. I started playing trumpet at some point in my life, but I’m very bad. I am not a good student and music theory is essential». Chef Andreu Genestra said, “Both Sergio Llopis and Jaume Anglada do a great job bringing out the best in us. It turns out an amazing result, even if it doesn’t sound great ».

Jonay Hernandez from La Vieja restaurant, joins the group “I don’t even sing while I cook. Fortunately, I didn’t decide to devote myself to music, otherwise I would be very hungry ». Joan Marc Garcias played guitar in a band when she was a student and said, “Music has always accompanied me, even when I came to the restaurant before. turn on the stoveShould I put on music?” will be ‘cooked’ in ‘, then edit the video clip and post the result online where we will see it.

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