“The time to fix Basic Care is now or never”

"The time to fix Basic Care is now or never"

23.11.2022, 17:24


The AMYTS strike committee and the Ministry of Health are sitting down again to reach an agreement and call off the strike that began Monday.

Third day of strike of family doctors and pediatricians One of Madrid’s health centers. This Wednesday morning—on the eve of a new meeting between the Ministry of Health and the strike committee, which began after 4 p.m.— new concentration of doctors. This time in front of the branch office Productions directed by Enrique Ruiz Escudero. Many white coats and the same song. “Primary required” or “sick customer not”Here are some of the words pros said on a rainy day. “It’s now or never to fix”summaries SPANISH NEWSPAPERFrom the Prensa Ibérica group, begona garciadoctor at health center May 2 in Móstoles.

Dr. García says all his colleagues at the health center—except one—support a strike that first started this Monday, and where about 5,000 doctors were called. He tries to explain between the cries of his colleagues in front of the doors of the Ministry. Talk about satiety, endless agendas, boredom and, where appropriate, many elderly patients in a particularly disadvantaged area who do not have the option of going to private health care even if they want to because they don’t have the means. This shot, yes or yes, is public health.

in concentration angela hernandez, general secretary of AMYTS, the largest medical association in Madrid. The “visible face” of a group is Dr. Saturated, as García repeats. AMYTS spokesperson admits very busy daysbut he also states that he stays calm – that’s what he always is – and that it’s very comforting to him. appreciation from your colleagues.

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It was his turn to meet with the Ministry again this afternoon. to negotiate a way out of the strike. Previously, they had conveyed the status of the negotiations and the progress made yesterday to those affected. “And we found it from AMYTS majority feeling to go with indefinite strikes and keep negotiating,” says the union. Doctors have conveyed the “seriousness” of Primary School’s situation and want more professionals to fix it. For this, the union says, A larger budget than offered by the Community of Madrid.

The strike is entering its third day and autonomous government, has a following of 15.95%, which means it’s halved in two days. Out of 1,807 doctors, 280 supported the strike. 31% follow-up on the first day. “The strike continues to be successful and we continue to collect a very high and historical following From AMYTS, where Family doctors and pediatricians stay with great power to change the dramatic situation of Primary Care”.

much closer positions

The meeting, which took place at 22.30 yesterday after a very long meeting between the two sides on Monday, ended with mutual reconciliation after a break given just a few hours ago. seemed impossible. The general secretary of the union admitted that there was a “significant rapprochement” from “we are far away”, however, the strike had not yet stopped. Asked what perception he has of what will happen this afternoon – this would be his third meeting with the Ministry – Hernández is cautious until the department headed by Escudero finally learns what it has to offer.

So far, Madrid Health has put a number of proposals on the table. that the president is responsible for declaring Isabel Diaz Ayuso. The zoom of positions focused on “the most sensitive points above all else”, such as the number of patients each doctor should have, and on every pediatrician’s daily agenda and “how was it going Pay for the overtime work that day”.

The strike committee requests 21 patients for Pediatrics, with a maximum of 31 patients per FA consultation and a minimum of 15 minutes per child, to allocate 10 minutes per patient.

The strike committee demands Maximum of 31 patients per Family Medicine consultation and the Community, in order to dedicate At least 10 minutes per patientY 21 patients for pediatrics, at least 15 minutes per child. For its part, the department offers a minimum of 10 minutes per patient and 35 patient agendas for pathology care that cannot be delayed on the same day.

show in Madrid. |

The other measure Ayuso put forward is “next residents resettlement plan (MIR) In May, he said that after training given by the Community of Madrid, they needed to choose “new places” to have an attractive enough “incentive” to stay in the area. measures to help end job insecurity, such as the consolidation of temporary contracts”.

Consulting, optimistic

That same Wednesday, Ruiz Escudero stated see the agreement to cancel the strike close After the “significant developments” in the last meeting, he stressed that he hopes for this in the meeting between the two sides this afternoon. You can close a document to give it a way out of the conflict.Madrid’s head of health As soon as the pricing model is fully determined and the exact number of patients above the agreed upon determination is determined, the budget requirement continues. go see doctors“. At this point,” he added, it’s relatively easy to reach agreement. “We will wait for this level of detail to be reached at that meeting so that the strike, which I think is important for everyone, is cancelled.” added in reference to the meeting that started this afternoon.

Single agenda per doctor

Those who want to establish AMYTS went on strike “one agenda per nominal doctor and without having to look after patients from other programs as it is now” and “consolidation of programs, which allows reconciliation and is one of the main reasons pushing our professionals” leave primary“.

Begona Garcia says, from the Dos de Mayo health center in Móstoles, that in his clinic agendas can exceed 42 appointments. They serve an older population but also younger people with unhealthy lifestyles. more sick. Because in some parts of Madrid, he explains, “poverty is also a latent disease” and the same patients, if they need to see a doctor and there are waiting lists in the Primary, for example Get private insurance.

Do your patients understand that they are on strike? Doctors gathered in front of the ministry, “They are the first.

Moreover, once again insists on his tiredness. doctors. They see the physical in the consultation, but also psychological or social. When asked about each patient claiming to devote at least 10 minutes, “What’s less? They deserve honorable attention. And for the record, he explains that in front of the Ministry of Health there are “all doctors” with the same concentration of colors”, that the mobilizations are not about ideology.

Do your patients understand that they are on strike? “They’re the first. Because they’re suffering from it. They know our efforts,” say two other colleagues in the group. Paloma Galán and Rocío Martín. Primary Care, when this test is requested from a hospital emergency department, much faster. One way to understand the collapse those living in major health centers. And three, as wartime is “now” and their patients, other colleagues, have argued before the Ministry of Health, they are not “customers”. That they took action for them first. “My grandparents know how much we support them. that we are always by your side pandemic”, Dr. Galán settles.

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