They make half of pets suffer from obesity, how to prevent it?

They make half of pets suffer from obesity, how to prevent it?

One of the commitments every pet owner undertakes is to ensure that the pet is fed a healthy diet.with croquettes, homemade food or a special diet. And this step is very important to ensure the health of a dog or cat as this will protect their skin, kidneys, liver and in some cases causes obesity problems.

We talked to Jesús Pisco, a zootechnical engineer who specializes in animal nutrition.

How do I know if my pet is obese?
How do I know if my pet is obese?Free Peak

— What causes obesity in a pet?

Obesity is a condition that can be seen in all types. The reasons may be the same or very similar. It occurs mainly because the pet consumes more calories than it expends.

It can be divided into two reasons: First, you have eaten an incorrect meal or its quantities are insufficient; and second, not getting the physical activity you need.

— How do we know if our pet is obese?

There are charts that can be helpful, such as “Body Condition”, which allows us to get an idea of ​​how “thin” or “obese” our pet is. It is important that this diagnosis is made by someone who has experience with the subject.

— How can we treat obesity in our pets?

Depending on the severity of the situation, the treatment of the obese pet can be changed. Often times you need to take a special food to lose weight.

However, it is believed that reducing the amount of food you already take is enough. Although it provides fewer calories this way (which can aid weight loss), it also provides fewer essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, which can cause other kinds of problems. You have to be very careful with this.

Eating healthy is important
Eating healthy is important PEOPLE

— Do you recommend giving a pet homemade food?

If you have the time, discipline, fine dining and expert advice, yes. If you don’t meet any of these points, I’d say no. There is a misconception that because a food is “natural” it is already “healthy” and the relationship is not so direct.

If you feed your dog just chicken and sweet potatoes every day, it’s “natural”, but it’s not healthy because it isn’t getting the nutrients it needs to be healthy. There are different alternatives to nurture them today, and it’s important to see which one fits our reality best.

— Does neutering affect the weight gain of dogs and cats?

Yes, a pet needs fewer calories after being spayed or neutered. By itself, neutering doesn’t make him fat: Not knowing that spaying means making changes to his diet.

— Can obesity cause the death of our animals?

Completely. Unfortunately, obesity is a much more common problem than you might think. There are reports that about 40% to 50% of pets have this condition.

The problem is that obesity can be the cause of many diseases that spoil the health of our arrogant people. Therefore, a specialist needs to diagnose whether our pet is obese and take responsibility for his health. If we want to improve their quality of life, we must change routines and habits.

*by Maria Alejandra Lopez

Peruvian Trade)

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