Tips to protect your pocket with your pet – Pets – Life

Tips to protect your pocket with your pet - Pets - Life

The escalating increase in pet abandonment in Europe raises great concern. Among the reasons identified by the relevant institutions and authorities are the return to face-to-face meetings in a large part of human activities, and the most worrying one is the increase in people’s livelihoods and the cost of products and services. animals.

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According to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (Ifaw), The pandemic has given people more time and made them more willing to share their time. and your space with a dog or cat. This has resulted in many animal shelters seeing many of the rescued animals successfully finding good homes.

However, all was not rosy, because with the growing importance of pets in people’s daily lives, there has been an increase in the purchase of animals from illegal farms, as well as animal fraud and theft with the aim of collecting great rewards.

post-pandemic and easing restrictions, returning many human activities to normal: to children, schools and adults, to their work, university or daily tasks. Many organizations had predicted this could happen; however, a new component has been added to the pet abandonment.

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a new reason

It has to do with the economic crisis and recession that most countries in the world are going through. According to PDSA, In the UK, a dog’s care from pup to adult costs between 25 million and 166 million Colombian pesos. about.

This will be the minimum investment required to care for a dog and this amount will vary depending on the size, breed, longevity or special health conditions that particular breeds have. This figure does not include the costs of veterinary service or surgery, treatment or medication that would be needed in the event of an unforeseen event or accident.

Because of these high costs, some trainers from countries Europeans choose to abandon their pets, increasing animal rescue stats In different countries, they raised the alarm sound before the responsible organizations and some personalities of the political life.

Whether it’s a cat or a dog, it’s always important to consider the economic aspect before choosing to keep a pet.

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Some solutions

Given the increasing number of drop-outs, different institutions held roundtables to find some alternatives and thus tried to mitigate the impact.

These measures also apply to the national situation, especially given that owners have noticed an increase in the cost of pet products, especially concentrated food, which is either completely imported or is dependent on the prices of the material. for the production of cereals, meat, etc.

best suggestion

It is always better to consider the economic aspect before deciding to have a pet, regardless of whether it is a cat or a dog. Remember that having a pet has meaning. responsibility of life, Considering that the lifespan of pets is between 13 and 16 years, about.

Said commitment is not only monetary, but also includes education, care, health, medical care, rest, time, love and compassion. Finally, remember that pets are family and family is not abandoned.

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Some of the suggested alternatives are:

Preventive medicine: Diagnosis, treatment, hospitalization, veterinary service, etc., thanks to adequate vaccination and deworming programs. Therefore, diseases with high economic costs will be prevented. In addition to the economic risk, owning a sick pet means an emotional danger to their owners and their families, because no one wants to see their pet sick.

Life insurance: Protecting dogs and cats will help cover the economic costs of veterinary or unforeseen services. Many companies, banks and insurers in the country offer special services for pets with different guarantees, amounts and guarantees.

Bulk food: If the price of concentrated food is too high and the animal does not need special food, you may prefer to buy it in bulk from different veterinary stores. This helps reduce the economic investment that comes in part from nutrition.

Networks of family, friends or neighbors: They can help reduce the economic investment from schools, nurseries or dog walkers. The important thing is to always be a reliable person and have experience in dealing with animals.

Identification and security:
Protect pets lost or stolen, as well as overflow, illness, poisoning, etc. To prevent accidents that may occur due to reasons.

homemade toys:
Fabric, rope, ball etc. using recyclable materials that are safe for pets.


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