Two friends, a veterinarian and pet products retailer from Guayaquil, Tricolor | community | Guayaquil

Two friends, a veterinarian and pet products retailer from Guayaquil, Tricolor |  community |  Guayaquil

The stories of the fans traveling to the Qatar 2022 World Cup are complemented by their passion for football, some sacrifices and even the adventures behind the trip.

Friends Fabián Báez, 28, and Stéfano Arias, 31, took pictures with their flags in the international dispatch room, expressing their desire to have their first experience in football’s biggest competition.

“Every football player should go to a World Cup” was part of the message they both shared before they set off for the 25-hour journey where they would stop in Madrid.

Fabián, who works for a pet products company, maintains a business relationship with his friend Stéfano, who is a veterinarian, although they are friends.

Before the Ecuadorian classification, Fabián recalled that they had planned the trip with his father in the first place last February.

At the time, they both took advantage of a lottery to buy World Cup tickets, but their father refused to participate in the adventure. Thereupon, the young man immediately called his friend Stéfano, who agreed to share the trip.

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Faced with this situation, they laughed, remembering that initially Fabián’s pet products company would organize an imaginary lottery among customers to offer them a trip to Qatar and Stéfano could win a prize and go to the World Cup. , without problems with your partner.

The two broke up as the months went by and, out of spite, became more involved in the idea and managed to save more money.

That’s how they got together for the dream of accompanying them in three matches of the group stage in Ecuador.

“Very excited. Going to the World Cup isn’t every day. When you see your team open a World Cup, I don’t think everyone gets a chance to see it”.

Fabián Báez, Ecuadorian fan

During the preparations, Fabián had to use his credit card halfway through the trip, which cost about $4,500 while the other party paid for it with their savings.

“This is the smallest: you only live once, chulla vida,” Báez said of other future expenses she’ll have to cover.

Fabián stated that he is looking forward to going to Qatar to experience the football match and even more so in the opening game; Stéfano proudly stated that Ecuador’s name will be seen by the entire planet this Sunday.

Qatar waiting for Ecuadorians to go to World Cup

“I say every football player should go to the Champions League final, the Copa Libertadores final and the World Cup. This year we celebrate the Libertadores final and the World Cup; at some point, the Champions League,” concluded his friend Stéfano.

As for Qatar’s rules, both ensured that they would remain in harmony, although they thought some rules, such as clothing, would be made more flexible.

In Qatar, they hope to join Fabian’s brother and another friend with whom they intend to visit nearby countries such as the United Arab Emirates or Egypt together. Generally, your trip will be ten days from November 20 to November 30.

They also hope to one day participate in an electronic music festival that will be organized as a complement to the World Cup, and participate in a football tournament with fans of various nationalities. (YO)

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