Victor Hugo Barrios Parrilla, efficiency and legal experience

Victor Hugo Barrios Parrilla, efficiency and legal experience

Dr. Victor Hugo Barrios Parrilla is a Mexican lawyer and owner of one of the country’s most influential law firms, Barrios Parrilla y Asociados, SC. contingency

He holds a Bachelor of Laws from the Faculty of Advanced Sciences of the National Autonomous University of Mexico “Acatlán”, a CPA from the National Polytechnic Institute, a Specialization in Commercial and Tax Law from the Free School of Law, a Master in Constitutional Law and Amparo. The same institution offers a Master’s and Doctorate in Tax Law, and a Doctorate in Tax Law, Customs Law and Foreign Trade Law by the Faculty of Law, by the University Legal Studies Center.

​Barrios Parrilla stands out for its high effectiveness as it has more than 30,000 success stories throughout its proven history; He is also a professor at various educational institutions such as UNAM and Escuela Libre de Derecho, the Faculty of Judicial Tax Law and the University Center for Legal Studies, and a consultant at the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit and Taxes. Management Service.

One of the keys to his success for the legal professional is his passion and taste for Law, which he acquired at an early age, inspired by Javier López “Chabelo”.

​“An anecdote that left its mark on my life was an interview with Jacobo Zabludovsky with “Chabelo”, where the journalist asked him: How did you go on as a 13-year-old boy because he had the joy of doing what he loved to never have to work in life”. marked the lawyer from an early age.

“All my life I’ve assumed this phrase and put it to myself, coming from a day-to-day work culture, I did my job to get ahead before I became a lawyer, not to mention being possible, sometimes without counting food for economics. to give taste, work that requires physical and mental effort on its own, even though I dislike it, for a simple economic return; As a lawyer, I’m doing what I love and am most passionate about, being able to go through the grueling days without representing an effort is more of a blessing of life itself.”

This passion for the legal profession has made him one of the best-known lawyers in the country, and he was recently awarded the title Doctor Honoris Causa by the National Bar Federation at the National Bureaucratic Law Congress.

His work on Mexican law-related issues is inexhaustible, as he constantly participates and disseminates knowledge through articles in various specialized journals in the field of customs and taxation. It was even awarded “The Most Outstanding Firm of 2021” by Tax Defense Magazine.

Last September, Valores Magazine published “Private Abogados” on its cover, which featured him as one of “Mexico’s best lawyers”. On the other hand, he received the “Lawyer of the Year” award by Premios Valores in November.

​Barrios Parrilla was awarded the best Tax Lawyer, Foreign Trade and Customs Law award by the “Love for our Mexico 2022” association, which distinguishes the personalities who have recently glorified Mexico’s name, for his work in the implementation of Compliance. Continuing fight in Anti-Money Laundering.

On October 20 of this year, he was awarded the “Great Defender of the Taxpayer” degree by the Supreme Council of the Mexican Association of Great Defenders of the Fatherland for the humanitarian and nationalistic values ​​that characterize public life. special.

In October, he received the “Athena” medal, the highest award given by the Fundación Defensa Fiscal AC and Mexican Magazine of Fiscal Strategies Fiscal Defense to publicly recognize the effectiveness of his talent.

​Dr. Víctor Hugo Barrios Parrilla is one of the most influential lawyers in the country today and has built a solid firm that continues to provide experience in legal matters in Mexico.

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