Animal Control has saved over 100 people

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The Center for Animal Control and Welfare rescued pets in Leon as they were kept in deplorable conditions.

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Lion.- Under Mayor Alejandra Gutiérrez Campos, at least 100 dogs and 46 cats have so far been taken from their owners for being held in deplorable conditions. Announced by the coordinator. centre Animal Control and Welfare, Emmanuel Rodríguez Martín del Campo.

The municipal official explained that the collection of these pets is derived from reports made by the population. This is because they realize the abuse, abandonment or malnutrition that animals are subjected to.

“When an animal is removed, its health is already deplorable, and it’s about preserving its life,” he said.

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pets in Leon
Pets in Leon were rescued after public denunciations. Photo: Private

They try to give second chances

Pets, once lovingly bought and eventually turned into disdain and abuse by their negligent owners, have arrived at the Animal Control and Welfare Center. They are being treated there. Survivors may get a second chance by adopting, while others are forced to sacrifice themselves because they no longer respond to treatment.

In just over a year, they received 1,200 complaints from Leonese, who cares about animal welfare. Compared to the previous management, they have grown with up to 600 complaints.

However, only 70 of the 1,200 complaints involved monetary sanctions totaling 420,000 pesos. The Municipal Health Directorate does not know whether they have been paid or not.

Meanwhile, 240 people who were found to have violated the Animal Protection Regulation received only a written warning. By the way, the rest were not checked for behavior towards pets.

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pets in Leon
Pets in León can get a second chance. Photo: Private

One dog for every four Leonese

The manager explained that they have no official record of how many dogs or cats there may be in Leon. At the very least, they can calculate by records and diagnosis that there is one dog for every four residents.

In colonies where more dogs and cats are registered in addition to harassing behavior, these are in Las Joyas, 10 de Mayo, and San Juan de Abajo. There are operators and legal attention.

“For example, there have been interventions, sterilizations, possible animal abuse and medical consultations (…) As the Control Center we need to provide the rescue of stray dogs and we are trying to find an obvious home and working hand in hand. with shelters,” he said.

pets in Leon
Photo: Private

More action required

Meanwhile, ANIMARE Foundation representative Beatriz Lozano commented that it is extremely important to attend the reports now and more urgently as the condition of the dogs and cats reported is serious.

He pointed out that as an animal advocacy or pro-animal management, they have very few staff to deal with all the reports produced every day, and only 70 more if they have reported economic sanctions, “here he tells me about a malfunction ( …) unfortunately our laws only control the animal.” It is applied in the center to be removed and die,” he explained.

Animal Heart Foundation
Photo: Private

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Finally, he noted that there is a gap in coercive action, and this shows when the Municipal Advisory Board for Pet Protection does not meet.


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