Detention period extended for suspect who confessed to murder of woman in Valdivia: Government will provide legal support to family | National

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While waiting for the scientific-technical report and the preliminary autopsy, the court accepted the prosecutor’s request for an extension of the detention period of the suspect, who confessed to the murder of 36-year-old veterinarian Cindy Muñoz Mallanes.

see you tomorrow friday Man who confessed to murdering his partner in Valdivia extended his detentionon river region. The Government confirmed that they were offering psychological and legal support to the victim’s family.

like victor Manuel Zamorano Palma, 43 years old, The man charged with the murder of a woman registered at the René Schneider street address on Wednesday night has been identified.

According to the information obtained, a knife attack was carried out at the scene. The victim was identified as Cindy Muñoz Mallanes, a 36-year-old veterinarian and the mother of a 7-year-old son.

The truth was revealed by the prisoner’s search. gendarme Uniformed officers began arresting him to report what had happened.

In this connection, he was brought before the Valdivia Guarantee Court this Thursday. public ministry He demanded an extension of his detention. Scientific-technical report ordered from Homicide POI.

Moreover remains as a preliminary autopsy report Prosecutor Álvaro Pérez announced that the Forensic Service must surrender.

Seremi for Women and Gender Equality, Francisca Corbalán confirmed this to be true. The second femicide we should regret at the regional level so far this year and there are 34 deaths in the country.

Sernameg will provide legal support to a family victim of femicide

Waleska Ferhmann, director of the National Service for Women and Gender Equality, stated that the victim’s organization was not part of their program and there had been no previous complaints. Again, After this unfortunate event, the family will receive psychological and legal support.

The mayor of Valdivia recalled that there is a “Casa de la Mujer” located in the regional capital on Baquedano street that accepts all women and girls who need support.

The hearing was adjourned to 11:00 on Friday and the prosecutor’s office He predicted that he would formalize Víctor Zamorano for the full-blown crime of intimate femicide and demand preventive detention as a precautionary measure.

This article describes an ongoing legal process.

There is a possibility that the charges will be dropped at the end of the investigation. Defendant(s) should not be deemed guilty Until justice gives a sentence against him.
(Criminal Procedure Law Article 04)

violence against women

If you are a victim or witness of violence against women, report it to the police.
149 Carbinecall for guidance
Sernameg’s short number is 1455 or press for
Use the sernameg complaint chat

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