Feijoo, minefield, by Fernando Ónega

Feijoo, minefield, by Fernando Ónega

Where did you leave your moderation?” Pedro Sánchez asked Alberto Núñez Feijóo in his last fight in the Senate. This was an interesting question as well as a way to deny the leader of the PP one of his core values, because it raises the question of what moderation is in current politics; the current Even what is moderation in Spanish society. Is it a longing? Is it a desire? Is it a value lost in the constant conflicts that we usually call tension? Can we talk about moderation in an environment of polarization that has become unbearable?

Political moderation is certainly one of the keys to power shift in 2023. If Feijóo’s drama tries to occupy the corresponding centrality given Sánchez’s alliances, he may be voting him Vox. But if he adopts an uncompromising stance, he also votes for Vox and, incidentally, gives the Socialist Party centrality. Therefore, the Head of Government, a master of strategy, does the impossible to place the PP on the far right. That’s why it turns every audit session of the Government into an opposition auditing ceremony. He did not answer one of Feijóo’s questions, although Tuesday was an excellent opportunity to explain his government’s actions on such serious issues as the lack of State protection. Quite the opposite: he took advantage of his minutes to attack Feijóo as if he were Rajoy, despite the ostentatious historical falsifications, lying has already become the norm.

I have the impression that this perverse strategy can be won by Pedro Sánchez. With the spokesperson army and the spokespersons of a dozen parties supporting it, without separating Vox from the PP, machismo is right-wing; Sánchez’s alleged surrender resolved the conflict with Catalonia; that the 2008 crisis existed not with Zapatero but with Rajoy; Zapatero also made no cuts, but all were imposed by the PP; The person who criticizes the government is either a carka or a Francoist; whoever defends the judges is just as attractive; that Feijóo violated the Constitution, but that those who refused to abide by it did not deserve condemnation; that Frankenstein is the government of the people and the right, the representative of banks, energy companies and the rich; and of course, if Feijóo rules, there will be re-centralisation, the nationalists will be persecuted, and the independence supporters will be imprisoned again.

This is the minefield that Núñez Feijóo had to cross on his way to Moncloa. The worst part is that he laid some of those mines with the promise of removing the undeliverables. How to get around all this? Of course, you can’t give up harsh criticism if you really believe it should be done. And perhaps it needs to add something that is starting to put pressure a year before the election: building bridges to nationalism and developing a discourse that shows it can govern better. “Prove it,” I said.

People's Party leader Alberto Núñez Feijóo during a government control session in the Senate in Madrid (Spain) on November 22, 2022.  The PP is intensifying its attack on the President of the Executive, focusing on two fronts currently open to the Government: repeal of the riot law and the Sexual Freedom law known as the 'yes is yes only' law.  Concerning the latter, he demanded an immediate revision of the law from the Government to prevent more sexual offenders 'popular' with reduced sentences and even taking to the streets.  NOVEMBER 22, 2022;  CONTROL SESSION;  PARLIAMENTARY ACTIONS;  SENATE;  GOVERNMENT Alejandro Martínez Vélez / Europa Press 22.11.2022

Alberto Núñez Feijóo in the Senate

Alejandro Martinez Velez / EP


Bolaños remains the government’s great firefighter. They have answers for everything and everywhere. He’s already a superstar. And that’s how they feel. His political career was just beginning.

I read that Garamendi came out weak from the CEOE election. Winning with 83 percent is a weakness any applicant would sign up for. Those who are weak are those who plot against him.

Montero’s anger at a Vox MP’s speech was justified. His condemnation of political violence is reasonable. It’s a pity that Pablo Iglesias didn’t react in the same way when he said he was going to whip Mariló Montero “till he bleeds”.

Marlaska He suffers from the Government for many reasons. But one thing has to be acknowledged: in his four years as minister, the salaries of state security forces have increased by 38 percent.

Zapatero This historian thought the Alliance of Civilizations died out with the 2011 change of government. But no: it’s still there and continues to bring together dozens of world leaders. There was no longer a battered political creation that lasted so long. And they will know if this is the solution.

Banks I congratulate Nadia Calviño’s social concern when I hear the Government introduce itself to help those who are mortgaged by partial agreement with the Bank. But I can’t help myself from one memory: advertisements for “Agencia Negotiadora”.

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