Find out if they’re as good as they say

Find out if they're as good as they say

Good nutrition improves and prolongs the lifespan of our dogs and cats. They are part of our family today and deserve quality nutrition. Currently there are many feeding options: traditional balanced ones, BARF type and recently natural balanced diets.

The latter can be considered a better option among those available in the current market as it is the result of many years of research and experience. studying the behavior and actual nutritional needs of dogs and cats.

Natural diets have observed the nutritional requirements of each of the species, allowing them to differentiate in terms of their digestive physiology and strict carnivorous status for cats and omnivorous carnivorous status for dogs.

It also accurately includes the stages of the process. animal life for example: includes puppies, older young adults, nursing or expectant mothers, and nutritional clinical conditions.

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Natural diets have great health benefits due to their moisture content, improve stool quality, aid intestinal health, They enhance the immune system, improve clinical processes, are naturally delicious and can be friendly to dry diets. Allows combinations.

Key features

  • Premium type raw materials
  • animal protein
  • quality oil
  • Zero preservatives and additives

In animal nutrition it is very important to keep in mind that the quality of the ration is based on the right amount of nutrients. as important as protein and fat. Since the QUALITY of the food is more important than the AMOUNT, excess protein and fat can affect important organs such as liver and kidney over time.

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Natural feeds have very important characteristics such as water content, the main nutrient in animal feed, can be classified as wet feeds with a water content of 70% to 85%, the rest is called dry matter and this is where the others concentrate. nutrients protein, fat, moderately involved fiber and carbohydrates dogs or for the minimum cats.

The water in the diet aids intestinal transit, optimizes the metabolism of nutrients, and helps prevent disorders in the lower urinary tract and kidneys.

The amount of water contained in each animal varies with age and physiological state, and water is obtained through drinking and is not always guaranteed. Drink enough water, especially in cats who do not naturally drink water, on the contrary, dogs drink more water, but sometimes not enough, so it is very important to keep in mind a strictly balanced wet diet in animal nutrition.

The quality of the diet, the frequency and amount of food, the environment of the animal and the environment in which it moves should always be considered as important recommendations.

To define its diet, we must always verify the animal’s body condition, size and weight, age, among others. When your dog or cat shows associated symptoms Due to her diet, you should consult your veterinarian for diagnosis and a nutritionist to create a treatment and management plan.

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