Grezzi calls for a “clear legal framework” for low emissions zones

Grezzi calls for a "clear legal framework" for low emissions zones

VALENCIA (EP). Councilor for Sustainable Mobility in Valencia, Giuseppe Grezzidemanded a “clear legal framework” for the implementation of low-emission zones this Thursday and advocated for their implementation through a “transition that leaves no one behind”.

“What we expect from nearly all municipalities, with populations over 50,000, that have a state law obligation to create a low-emission zone, is to have a clear regulatory framework within which the Department operates”. Pass,” said the mayor.

Grezzi assured that “there is no clear solution yet in this sense” and stated that the councils “the same question: when will the ministry prepare this standard regulation” is on the table.

When asked about this at the press conference about the smart parking pilot project in Valencia, he insisted the city manager “We hope there will be clear regulation in a credible legal framework”.

The head of Sustainable Mobility commented that in Barcelona, ​​the first city to do business in the low-emission zone, there was a sentence that “declared it null and void” and therefore advocated demanding the regulatory framework.

Giuseppe Grezzi noted that “the law says that there should be a low-emission zone by 2023”, but described “how and by what rules it is not specified, although he wishes to base it on the General’s labeling.” Traffic Department”.

For this reason, he stressed that the Ministry of Ecological Transition should “give light” to municipalities so that they know “how to do it”. “All cities are going in the same direction, we have the same problem,” he added.

Regarding the implementation of low-emission zones, Grezzi detailed, on the one hand, the “award for the establishment of the entire technical system with more than 270 cameras, integrated systems, platforms and software” of the city of Valencia. about 11 million euros” and will be given at the Local Administration Board this Friday. He said that the work on this part will begin when the contract is signed on this subject.

On the other hand, the mayor added that the legal framework to work “with the participation of all municipal representatives” will be awaited. “We want to have a clear legal framework, a timetable, and a transition that leaves no one behind. This is something very new and we have to work with everyone because we want everyone to be ready when it goes into effect.” said. detailed

car parks in Russafa

On the other hand, when asked about the green and orange park areas in Russafa, the Sustainable Mobility Councilor stated that it provides a “very positive balance”.

“We receive a lot of congratulations from neighborhood associations or individuals at the individual level. We have a very high number of people who have already entered the system, registered and preferred to be able to park in that environment.” explained.

Grezzi emphasizes that “parking areas in Ciutat Vella and Russafa are monitored at night to avoid rogue behavior, even if it is now,” while pointing out that it’s residents who have been asking for “long time”. “that regulation

“We can only be satisfied,” the councilor said, noting that the new parking system is “consolidating quickly.” The Mayor pointed out that it will continue to be done “at the request of the neighborhood in other neighborhoods that demand it”.

Giuseppe Grezzi also hinted at the ongoing engagement process when asked whether the City Council would propose to replace or rethink Calle Colón. Currently, we are working on the participatory project that we started before the summer and has not yet been completed.”

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