More than 15% of boys and 8% of girls in Spain deny gender-based violence

More than 15% of boys and 8% of girls in Spain deny gender-based violence

24.11.2022 at 15:04


One in ten young people experience masculinity compatible with ideas that legitimize violence or prostitution

More than 15% of men Spanish youthmore than 8% support denial in girls Gender violence according to the research ‘La caja de la masculinidad’. Construction, attitudes and its impact on Spanish youth’ was presented this Thursday by Fundación FAD Juventud.

Special, 11.7% of young Hispanics (15.3% male and 8.2% female) gender violence it does not exist and is an ideological invention; 13.9% (17.7% men and 10% women) say that only certain female profiles can be victims of gender-based violence; and 11.2% (15.3 men and 6.8% women) believe that violence will not be a problem for their couple relationship if it is of low intensity.

However, 74.2% of young people approve of this. gender-based violence is a very serious social problem (67.1% male and 81.7%) woman). In addition, 51.4% stated that women’s violence against men is not taken into account sufficiently, this rate is similar between men and women; and 41.8% state that men are unprotected against false complaints about sexual violence (47.2% men and 36.7% women).

The research was carried out by the Reina Sofia Center for Adolescence and Youth of the FAD Youth Foundation in consultation with 1,700 young people aged 15-29 residing in Spain and with the support of FAD. Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030.

Research reveals that to be a “real man”, 13.5% of the youth think that they should not cry in public; 15.8% play with dolls; 11.3% have gay friends. Also, 11.7% approve that the man should have the last word in their relationship or marriage (11.7%); 12.7% confirm that men use violence to gain respect if necessary; and 18.6% admit to resorting to prostitution to have sex.

Traditional hegemonic masculinity

The report places one in ten young Hispanics in a metaphorical box of traditional masculinity, but on the edge of the box is 32.2% of those who are more aware of the imperatives of masculinity. traditional hegemonic masculinity does not fit into its own reality, but does not give a clear answer to this crack.

His aim was to analyze what percentage of young people were in the ‘manhood box’.a theoretical construct that serves to explain the degree of affinity of young people with the more traditional and conservative vision of masculinity and how being inside, outside, or on the edge of this box affects their lives.

Experiencing masculinity with ideas and attitudes that question the traditional hegemonic model, 58% of young Hispanics. “People inside that box are more unhappy, feel more social pressure and commit more violence,” said Beatriz Martín Padura, managing director of FAD.

“In that box,The qualities we attribute to traditional hegemonic masculinity, Martín Padura was reported to be a real man, unable to cry in public, not be effeminate, not have sexual intercourse or justify violence.”

When disaggregated by gender, 74.9% of young women and 41.3% of men are out of the box. In contrast, the percentage of men in the box is more than double that of women (14% for men and 5.8% for women).

Regarding mental health, research shows that men inside the box report discomfort more often (63.8% versus 46.5% of those outside the box). The same is observed in social oppression, as men inside the traditional hegemonic circle of masculinity raise the average and feel more pressure than their peers on or outside the box.

Young men are more violent than women

Looking at the violence perpetrated in the last six months, young men report more violence than women: 53.2% of men (41.9% of women) make fun of other people; 30.1% (18% women) insulted, threatened or humiliating photos posted; 37.5% (20.7% of women) used physical violence.

In this sense, the research highlights that there is a greater tendency to commit violence among young men inside the box. Exactly, 21.1% have not used physical violence in recent months, while this rate for men out of the box it rises to 82.6%.

Regarding gender violence, 83% of young men out of the box believing in the social weight of the problemcompared to less than half (43%) of the contents of the box.

Young people, on the other hand, state that the expressions ‘to be a real man’ (66.9%) or ‘to be a real woman’ (65.6%) are commonly used in their circles. This so-called ideal model of socialization of cMale or female behavior is more reported by men who are inside the masculinity box.those who hear this kind of formulation about 20 percent more than others.

Young men seem hardworking, responsible and sensitive

The study alsoWhile young people see themselves as workers (50.6%), responsible (44.2%), sensitive (36.2%), empathetic (35%) and independent (34.7%), the society considers them as aggressive (41.3%). ), they believe they see as workers. (37.5%), leaders (35%) and immature (31.9%).

When asked whether they comply with what society expects of them as men, the general percentage of young men who find themselves very compatible with this structure is 31.4%, while the rate of those who do very little is 31.4%. %. What’s on the edge of the box they feel closer to what society expects of them (37.8%), This is followed by those inside the box (35.4%) and those outside the box (23.1%) to a lesser extent.

Faced with this reality, Fundación FAD Juventud launched a digital campaign, trying to make adolescents and young people aware that this violence is a “present reality” of our time, whose aim is to prevent gender-based violence. “a serious problem that affects many adolescents and young people, and which has no room for indifference”.

The campaign illustrates situations that many young people do not fully identify as gender-based violence: controlling their cell phone, who they interact with, or verbally humiliating among others.

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