Navarra Suma offers a budget of 53.8 million for Tudela, which is investment-oriented and forgets society

Navarra Suma offers a budget of 53.8 million for Tudela, which is investment-oriented and forgets society

Navarre Total It will approve 2023 budgets, focusing on a long list of investments and projects in the city. a party to social groups and associationss. Although the mayor Alejandro ToqueroHe confirmed the opposite in his presentation of the highest budgets in Tudela’s recent history (50.6 million euros for the City Council – 5% more than in 2022 – and 53.8 million euros for the Consolidated – 4.65% more than approved in the previous year-), a significant part of these sums goes to the work and improvement of the physical and exterior of the city, forgetting the social aspect and its inhabitants.

Toquero, these accounts”Consolidating Tudela’s transformation and the city’s modernization strategy is reaching its zenith by completing the major investments budgeted for 2022”. What would it be for the first mayor”a political pauseIf Navarra Suma and other entities had led, these are “active budgets following our intention to modernize Tudela”.

The consolidated budget of 53.8m euros (Water Authority, Tudela Cultura and City Hall) receives an additional 1.8 million from the Local Treasury Fund, but for Toquero, “This amount used against our request for the letter of importance does not cover the amount in any way. As the capital of La Ribera The report estimated the services provided at 5.6 million euros. This is neither fair nor sufficient, nor has this been agreed with the City Council”.

The “frantic spending” that comes with rising prices (Toquero said this represents a 32 percent increase in water, electricity and fuel) will have no effect on citizens, they say, and they will ask for it. a loan of 2.1m euros, which they do not yet know whether they will use it, but will face the influx of money from European aid and wind farms.

Among the investments made for “to clean up a city accused of inexplicable and inexcusable negligence”. 750.000 € An additional 60,000 euros will be invested in paving and maintenance to improve the furniture.


But if there’s one thing that will stand out in Tudela in 2023, it’s the great works that will appear on every street of the city. To what was promised before San Nicolas, Green Corridor (starting again announced as “close”), Father Lasa Square, Humilladero (for this the trip to Tudela Cultura went from 700,000 Euros to over a million) or sugar bowl acoustic screen, other great games will join. Notable among these 1.5m euros for the reform of Calle Muro (a project they say postponed to the next legislature), 150,000 euros for playgrounds, 93,000 euros to remove containers in the Old Town, “268,000 euros to decisively change its image” food market ”, 270,000 euros for the reform of the station square and pavement, 400,000 euros for the repair and reform of the Nelson Mandela stadium (a project to be carried out with the help of the Government of Navarra), 120,000 euros for a new Tudela city parquet, 50,000 euros for the commissioning of the Plaza de la Constitución parking lot, and 300,000 euros (could not say which) for a new phase to continue the rehabilitation of the Ciudad de Tudela stadium.

Regarding less tangible items, others will also increase, for example festivities (again they will be between 24-30 July and will increase from 350,000 Euros to 400,000 Euros) and vegetable festivals (from 70,000 to 90,000 euros), along with an increase of 66% (from 72,000 to 120,000) youth activities and nearly doubled the budget for concerts. they are all young (They will increase from 27,000 Euros to 43,000 Euros, 104% more).

On the other hand, the possibility of continuing with the recovery of the tourism engine of the city remains on the way as the excavations will not continue. santa barbara hill nor is there an exit to the Muslim cemetery (the largest in northern Spain). In 2019 Toquero already said that “not a priority” and that was proven, yesterday “we have prioritized other places in the city that need more attention. The hill has not been abandoned, and anyone who says otherwise is lying.”

Those who will be most affected (after the flood of investments) there will be collectives, associations and clubs. According to Toquero, “we helped organizations that had something to contribute. We increased the items for everyone working at Tudela,” but despite the sharp increase in costs they will experience due to the CPI, the increase was actually 0% for the vast majority. A) Yes, Dédalo Foundation, Ribera Retirees Club, Amimet, Anfas, Anasaps, María Forcada Foundation, Foundation for Addictions, Red Cross, Food Bank, San Francisco Javier Foundation, Association for people with ADD, apymas or Tudela Comparte continued with the same contribution Fan clubs will see an increase of €2,000 (2.6%) distributed among over 7 organisations, while paloteados and Olentzero will have €500 more.

Finally, it should be noted that despite the constant criticism, demands and needs, municipal library Book purchases will continue. 6,000 euros For the fifth year in a row, it has once again become the municipality of Navarrese with the least investment per capita.

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