Pet supplies up to 12% increase | News

Pet supplies up to 12% increase |  News

There are several types: dogs, cats, reptiles or fish. Regardless of their species, animals have become pets that are part of the family unit. exists in Spain More than 29 million pets According to the National Association of Pet Food Manufacturers (ANFAAC). Some households have more pets than children.

But choosing to have one takes responsibility, dedication, and also obligations. Study Affinity Foundationnotes The economic factor is one of the main reasons families abandon a dog.. It is reasonable to think that with inflation, the cost of owning a pet also increases. this platformYou compared different essential dog products and came to the following conclusion: This increase represents 12%, two percentage points higher than last year’s inflation. Also for other animals, figures are similar. “The point of the article is that they are informed before they have it, because it is not a whim, it has a price and they need to know what it means to have it. Giving up is not an option.”adds Kike Aganzo, head of communications for this platform.

The cost can be much higher for a pet’s first year. Specifically, the platform estimates it could cost 1,512.77 euros between essential products, vaccines, microchips or medicines. Gala is a ‘hound’ bitch just two months old and adopted by Patricia Lozano. “I just went to buy him the basics the other day and spent 70 euros. I don’t think he will reach 1,500 but I calculate it will be around 50 euros per month on special dog food and I have to add to that microchip or vaccines, like ‘snacks’ to teach him. At first I knew it could be higher‘ says the young woman.

Average cost of a dog’s first year. /

High annual costs

A Survey conducted by the Consumers and Users Association (OCU), the costs of owning a dog average annual payment of 1,131 eurosA little bit more a cat that adds up to 986 euros per year. Food is one of the main products for their maintenance and varies depending on their size. From they give an approximation of the annual price of food for dogs of different sizes. We’re talking about 184.39 Euros for meals per year for small children up to five kilos, 401.04 Euros for medium-sized children (up to 12.5 kilos) and 768.32 Euros per year for adults. . .

Concha García in Alto Gállego in the town of Acumuer, two dogs, Yuca, one 60-pound Mastina Leon and 40-pound British pointer Tizón. Between the two, they spend more than 950 euros, including vet visits or antiparasitic collars. “A lot of money as it will vary by weight, having two of the same size, much more than a small dog“Explains Garcia. They also have three cats named India, Max, and Chloe, but she admits it. They do not require much expenditure: “At first we had to pay for vaccines, microchips or to sterilize them, but then only food that costs around 12 euros a month and we change their bedding every year.” He adds that rural animals do not need additional ‘snacks’ or toys.

Kira, on the other hand, is a Maltese bichon who is considered a small dog to live with Valeria Jiménez. He calculates that he spends about 50 euros a month between food, ‘snack’ and hairdressing, 600 euros per year. Although he admits that the first year was much more expensive and now she’s noticed an increase in prices: “Especially in food, because I stick to brands that don’t cause her allergies because she can’t eat any of them. Then we go to the vet every seven months and occasionally. roughly every three months to buy her a toy”.

veterinarian, an investment

Veterinary expenses are one of the biggest costs incurred. Laura Catalan, Veterinarian at Pet & Vet clinicShe states that you need to go to a center to get advice before adopting: “Under the illusion, we often only look at the initial expenses, but they don’t take into account expenses like vaccinations, microchips, or they can get sick. It’s care for the animal’s entire life.”

He also insists They should go at least once a year.Although two of them are recommended especially for preventive medicine, one thing all the interviewees revealed: “It doesn’t just go when they’re sick, it follows it”, Add. In that sense, he says he has had a few cases where his expenses were not covered.

The vet comments on its presence. health plans Around 200 euros per year includes discounts for some essential services and surgeries, and then health insurance for a specific contingency. Alicia Aldehuela is the owner of Bagheera, a cat, and Norah, a potentially dangerous dog (PPP). Although She admits that her expenses are not excessively high, at around 600 euros a year, Insurance for Norah to be PPP: “He had a disease when he was six months old and needed to be vaccinated for about 250 euros for a week, and last year there was a spike in the eardrum that cost us about 125 euros. You have to get vaccinated.”

expenses hospitalization can range from 300 to 600 euros. “We have very dramatic cases because of people who can’t afford treatment or don’t appreciate that an unforeseen event may occur,” says Catalán. In Yuca’s example, Concha García had to undergo several surgeries: “She needed a hip that cost more than 500 euros, and she’s been taking pills that cost around 150 euros a year since then. Then in 2019 we had to castrate her. And she had enough complications and urgently needed it.” He had to have surgery again and had to spend the night. it cost a lot“, he emphasizes.

Tips for saving

All interviewees admit that they always tend to look for the cheapest brands to buy their products. Only when it comes to Gala or Rent, you go to specialty stores. They specify an array from Tips that allow owners to save:

  1. Buy used supplies or borrow from family or friends.
  2. Compare products and enable alerts for low-priced products.
  3. Buy in large quantities for several months.

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