PETS ARE PROHIBITED | Fines for owning a “forbidden pet”: these are the sanctions after the new law

PETS ARE PROHIBITED |  Fines for owning a "forbidden pet": these are the sanctions after the new law

this Animal Rights and Protection Law Draftmore commonly known asAnimal Welfare Lawsays it will be considered. breach in the text itself “any act or omission contrary to what has been identified in terms of conservation and animal rights”.

One of the most striking parts of this Law is list Pets this will be banned approved, more precisely the list of pets that can be kept as pets: this “positive list of pets” still under development will prohibit the discovery of any other species.

Article 47 of the Draft Law says it “remains”. It is forbidden to have, reproduce, trade, carry, sell, offer for sale.Exchange or donation of specimens of non-listed species and their import or export as pets”.

Therefore, youto have any animal Those not on the list of allowed pets will be considered a violation. Violations that violate the rules of this law will be punished with different types of fines.

Which animals cannot be kept as pets under the new Law?

You will not be able to own animals that are not on the list. allowed number of animals: it’s that simple. In a few weeks, State will make public document that all pets are allowed Those in and outside of Spain will be outright banned.

To prepare this list, some Requirements: that it poses no risk to humans, can live pain-free in captivity, is easy to meet its needs, and cannot become an invasive species.

Some of these criteria most common pets to be banned It would be hamster, guinea pig, mouse, rabbit, tortoise, budgerigar, budgerigar, chinchilla, lizard, chameleon, iguana, snake or spider.

The reason for this controversial measure is that invasive species “Species that are certain to be invasive, or that pose or could pose a serious risk to the conservation of our local ecosystem in the event of escape and lack of control, will not be included in our local ecosystem. positive list of pets. Biodiversity”.

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What is the penalty for owning a banned pet?

Animal Protection Law Draft three types of violations: mild, serious and very serious. Banning pets will in principle be interpreted as a minor violation, as this is behavior that requires “non-compliance with prohibitions, care or obligations”. […] not included as serious or very serious violations.

now if “Holding” banned animals may be considered a violation temperate, “breeding” prohibited animals (especially non-native species) would be something quite different: “Raising and trading in foreign wild animals, except as provided in this law” is currently considered a very serious violation.

Therefore, “owning” a banned pet can result in a fine. Between 600 € and 30.000 €when “breeding” a non-native species can result in fines of up to 30,001 € and 100,000 €.

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