Pets: How to have a dog and a cat together? | RMMN | FAMILY

Pets: How to have a dog and a cat together?  |  RMMN |  FAMILY

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It is necessary to start by making it clear that a good relationship between cats and dogs will always depend on each of the animals in question and the training you give them. However, there are some myths about the cat-dog relationship that stem from specific topics that Gabrica experts will explain below.

In the wild, dogs and cats are predators and prey, respectively. Some dogs, as a defensive response, attack cats to defend their territory. So, at worst, they can do this by following a hunting instinct.

How do you get your dog and cat to get along?

If any of the pets have a developed instinct for coexistence, that is, they have been socialized from a very young age and have a calm character, it is likely that they will accept the new member of the family with love, no matter what family they belong to. Species.


  • The cat’s vulnerability to the dog forces him to be alert to these animals, especially if the cat is a pet he doesn’t know about the smell or presence of.
  • It is usually more common for the cat to become accustomed to the presence of a puppy. The cat will stay away from the new family member until he gains his trust. When it feels that the new tenant has invaded its space, it will solidly mark its boundaries with a good grunt or warning scratch.
  • But if you have a very territorial cat in the home, it’s the puppy that could be in trouble. Aggressive or territorial cats may view dogs as a threat to their safety, even if the dogs are well socialized and friendly. In these cases, the smaller animal will defend itself fiercely if it deems it necessary.


  • Things get a little more complicated when the dog is now an adult and a kitten comes to the house. Some dogs can be nervous, irritable and aggressive around smaller animals, especially if they have not been properly socialized as puppies. In this case, the threat does not only fall on a cat, it can turn into another small breed of dog, a rabbit, a bird or any other more fragile and vulnerable pet.
  • If you think your dog has character issues and may be aggressive towards the new pet, avoid adopting another pet. You may have a very unfortunate experience.
  • The good thing is that the vast majority of dogs do not view cats as food, because most do not have a hunting instinct developed enough to indicate that the cat is an animal they need to catch.
  • What can happen in any situation is that the dog sees the cat as a toy and not as a friend or equal. So it will try to catch it but not hunt it down. Also, if a cat sees a dog as a playmate rather than a predator, the kitten may try to play with it.

Proper socialization is the only way to ensure this healthy coexistence, especially if done when both animals are small. A puppy and a kitten growing up together can have a wonderful relationship as adults.


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