The key to avoiding irregularities in your company

The key to avoiding irregularities in your company

Time control remains a topic that has generated some controversy and debate. Legislation does not fully specify or qualify some aspects and each company has its own system, some are not entirely fair to workers.

So far this year, the National Court has already given two sentences in c matters.time control. The first is on February 15, AN agreed with employees of a company that used an inefficient timestamp system. This company made the timestamp using a piece of paper where workers simply wrote the entry time. AN has issued a decision that compels the company in question to change its time control system for a more reliable and objective system.

However, despite the AN decision, the law does not specify in what format the timestamp should be made. The intention to use a digital method is indicated.

The National Court’s second sentence on time control was for June and in this case focuses on the problem of overtime. The penalty fails in favor of a company’s workers who report irregularities while recording their working hours.

This company is a software time management, this did not meet some requirements, making it impossible for employees to indicate breaks or overtimebecause the software only allowed us to mark the beginning of the day and automatically calculated the departure time.

Another important point in the AN decision is that itResponsibles can change programs without registrationIt is necessary for good control by institutions that protect the rights of workers.

As it is seen, although the law has not been determined as it should be, penalties have been accumulated by the judicial organs of the state, It serves to reveal the deficiencies at the legislative level and the need to create jurisprudence on this issue.

There are solutions that allow it. full control of time in companies. These are tools like Nubhora, digital solutions that create an automated system where employees themselves are the ones searching through an App or software. check-in and check-out times and rest or meal breaks.

These digital solutions are also a management of holidays, leaves and absencesagain, they’re the same workers that demand them, and HR managers only need to accept or reject them.

Also, when it comes to your record, overtime should no longer be an issue. Solutions like Nubhora allow total recording of hours worked by calculating overtime as prescribed by law. In this way, employees can know for sure how many hours they have worked overtime.

Companies can also have a global vision of the hours worked by each member of their workforce. This information is very useful for organizing shifts because it is easy to see which workers accumulate the most actual working hours.

Thanks to the digitization and automation of this process, save time and resourcesbecause a collaboration is created between employee and manager that allows both parties to devote their working time to being more productive.

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