The Valencia Prosecutor’s Office is trying to give a voice to the victims in the revision of the sentences ‘only yes is yes’.

The Valencia Prosecutor's Office is trying to give a voice to the victims in the revision of the sentences 'only yes is yes'.

24.11.2022, 10:07


Ministry of Public will rely on Victims Statute, which includes the right to rely on victims in decisions affecting their sentences – Provincial Court judges will meet next week to set criteria

Valencia County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating how it works give voice to victims sex crimes in criminal investigations -The Valencia Court has more than a hundred sentences currently under review – which led to the entry into force of the Convention. Comprehensive Sexual Freedom Guarantee Act, better known as the “yes only yes” law. Should this work become a recommendation? victims are heard at leastThe Valencia prosecutor’s office almost certainly first country in all of Spain to bring women to the fore object of a sexual offense in the process, because So far, only the advantages rapists reports This rule, which came into effect on October 7th. If the proposal is ultimately consolidated, the State’s Attorney General’s Office (FGE) will be consulted for implementation.

this legal document likely to claim that victims were part of the process in the investigation. The Victims’ Charter, an organic law passed in 2015Coming to put people who have been exposed to all kinds of crimes at the center of the legal process, regardless of gender or criminal offense have been subjected.

items to allow now include women who suffer sexual offense as part of the review punishments already executed 5, 7 and 13, mainly the second, which deals with time execution of the sentence.

The first of these, for example at point i), clearly states that the victims reserves the right to raise objections against the decisions. i think against their rights”such as the current analysis process of subordinate clauses that have reduced penalties for sex offenders in the new norm.

Is there a right to appeal?

This is one of the neuralgic questions, if the victims just right to be informed throughout the whole process, including the delivery time prison and benefits Something that the rapist may obtain while serving his sentence, as clarified in the Statute, or in addition to it actively participate in the review as part of the process, just like the criminal.

Another discussion opened if they can object or object to the commutation of their sentence sexual offender women who have only ever been to a lawyer special accusation why or if all victims were included, also those who are not part of the procedure. In principle, this right would be for allbecause it does not appear in the procedure will also be represented by the prosecution as the ultimate guarantor Protection and defense of persons who are passive subjects of a crime.

The position of the Valencia Prosecutor’s Office could be: starting point for other provincial prosecutors to join, if you finally decide to choose this formula.

The judges want them to have a trial

Actually, Valencia judges are also pronein general, according to the fact Victims affected by the review of sentences are also part of this process.even though they haven’t met yet set criteria.

they will next week, according to the forensic sources referenced by this newspaper. Currently, the five judges who make up each of the five criminal divisions of the Valencia County Court are already held meetings onbut the meeting of all will not be held until next weekThese sources confirmed.

The seven-part Alicante trial, including the one in Elx, also plans to meet tomorrow Friday for the same purpose: to consolidate the criteria based on the State Attorney General’s (FGE) decision when considering each conviction. the penalty imposed under the old law should be reduced or, on the contrary, maintained as long as it falls within the criminal scope of the current law.

In this sense, forensic sources this newspaper consulted consider it appropriate to accept the review “after listening to all parties”they openly included and defended the victims that judges will keep in mind the Victim’s Bylaws exactly.

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