A couple signs a “legal” deal to set the rules during the World Cup in Qatar

A couple signs a "legal" deal to set the rules during the World Cup in Qatar

Less and less is left to signal the start. Qatar World Cupr remains the most anticipated event of the year for fans and passionate football fans alike, despite being surrounded by controversy due to the restrictions imposed and allegations of corruption swirling around it.

So much so that some users have already started sharing on social networks how they experienced the World Cup countdown in the weirdest ways: Buying beer from 32 countries until the participants reach a legal agreement to establish rules with their partners.

agreement. This was demonstrated by Twitter user @RajadoresFootbol by sharing the bizarre agreement between Don Alexander and Doña Ángela: “When you have a partner, ignore some of the deviations from the World Cup group stage games because it’s complicated. Look at Qatar v Ecuador on Sunday. With that in mind, a hacker sends me the legal settlement he reached with his wife. Well done,” he points out in a tweet next to an image of the document.

As seen in the shared “legal” contract, the rules are as follows: “Doña Ángela, don’t let Don Alexander bother him when he wants to watch a football match. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Qatar v Senegal game or any other game that is suspected to be boring or not decisive”.

A couple to set the rules during the World Cup in Qatar

The terms of the agreement include giving the World Cup an “absolute and indisputable priority”.

Twitter/ @RajadoresFootball

But not only that, he also assures that “if Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal it is imperative to shout ‘siiiuuuuu’ (referring to the iconic Portuguese celebration)”, he also adds “in case of the AFA (Argentine Football Federation)”. If Football wins the World Cup, Doña Ángela will allow Don Alexander to frame and hang a photo of Lionel Andrés Messi lifting the World Cup from a pillar in his living room.

“In the days of the World Cup, whenever Don Alexander wishes, football will have an absolute and indisputable priority over all other programs, and Doña Ángela will have to put up with each and every one of Don Alexander’s comments, regardless of the duration and their accuracy and importance”.

best reviews. An agreement that fascinates football fans who can’t help envy Don Alexander: “Not even my wife, Jumilla, would sign this. He played well and succeeded, Mr. Alexander”, “Alexander never gives up anything. His considerations in return are not reflected unless it is understood that he will pay for the remainder”, “In return…”, “Adding a point where it is clear that after the World Cup all Christmas will be celebrated. movies”, “See you at IKEA for relics. With her mother-in-law”, “His wife’s corrections are missing. I’m sure it didn’t turn out that well” have been some of the most popular reactions.

Is it legal?

Although the contract supposedly bears the signatures of both parties, in fact, such a document has no legal significance as it has no place in any of the contract types established by law and does not comply with the principle. elements of a contract. In other words, it will not fall under any of the contractual procedures in the Civil Code.

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