Barcala opens a pet friendly area in Alicante after a busy general meeting

Barcala opens a pet friendly area in Alicante after a busy general meeting

Calm after the storm and after the rush municipal general assembly Alicante City Council lived yesterday, Thursday 24 November, when the mayor concludes on Friday to inaugurate in Cabo de las Huertas. New free walking area for pets. A new area at the intersection of Palangre and Red streets. Early in the morning, the program was also intense with the presentation of the 2023 budget project.

Images of a person appeared on today’s front pages and yesterday’s digital front pages at the last moment, as the session ended after 19:30. hail that stops three times, by first complaints from left parties to write Corporate Statement of the VOX Group Rejecting the withdrawal of the Cross of the Fallen in Calvo Sotelo, as well as the Democratic Memory Act, an ongoing declaration by bipartisan votes.

Inside afternoon sessionplenary session interrupted up to twice, in both cases benches on the right related Comments on the crime of sedition and those just yes yes, Two initiatives of Pedro Sánchez Manager. Both were reaffirmed by votes from Partido Popular, Ciudadanos, and VOX.


The City Council gave the green light to the request to review the law. “only yes is yes” «While demanding respect for the Judiciary in enforcing the law, she warned of the situation that many sex offenders will face, resulting in reduced sentences, including reduced sentences, failing to protect women and demanding the resignation of Equality Minister Irene Montero ». Expressing rejection is also accepted. reducing the crime of sedition, At the same time, the Executive is asked to “comply with, abide by and respect the Spanish Constitution” and withdraw as it “undermines” the State.

The Municipal Corporation is also a member of the Consell de Ximo Puig government’s 2023 Budget. zero quota for new self-employed For those who have ceased to be so in the Valencian Community and in the last three years and wish to rejoin this regime. The statement was supported by 16 votes in favor of PP (9), C’s (5) and Vox (2), and 13 against PSOE (9), Unidas Podemos (2) and Compromís (2).

In addition, the General Assembly approved another corporate declaration on the occasion of 2012. International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, providing visibility and expressing the need to combat this social scourge. The government team (PP and C’s) demonstrated their rejection of any form of violence against women on the eve of the 25N celebrations. The initiative continued with 14 votes in favor of PP, C’s and Vox, with PSOE, UP and Compromís abstaining and Vox against.

A corporate statement signed by all groups except Vox was also approved, and agreed with it to show the rejection of the Central Government’s objection to the Constitutional Court against the amendment aimed at blocking the construction of LOTUP. Macro deposits in the port of Alicante.

The General Assembly calls on the Spanish Government to rectify and withdraw the objection, supports the normative political position that hinders the establishment of the Generalitat Valenciana, and commits to the re-activation of the Port City municipal Commission to discuss the integration of the Port and guarantee health and safety. rights of those who live in close quarters! same.

It was also passed by a majority of 16 votes in favor (PP, C’s and Vox), 9 against (PSOE) and four abstentions (UP and Compromís). communication rules and clear reading, Facilitate the Local Government’s relationship with citizens and especially with groups with special abilities.

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