Board of Directors and Provincial Council join forces in the Road Plan

Board of Directors and Provincial Council join forces in the Road Plan

The province of Ávila is extensive and complex in terms of road network, and in most cases complex in winter due to its orography with mountain passes at an altitude of about 1,500 metres. Hence the importance of having a complete device to deal with the potential challenges that snow, but also wind, cold or fog can create on different roads.

To deal with this, the Junta de Castilla y León and Diputación de Ávila in Ávila jointly submitted their credentials this Friday, because if anything, it is “institutional cooperation” because it is “the safety of the citizens of the country” at stake. is Avila”. In this sense, both José Francisco Hernández Herrero, the Junta’s regional delegate in Ávila, and Carlos García, president of the State Assembly, delved into the issue.

This roadmap is part of Plancal, and it came together exactly Friday morning to advance how to deal with winter on the roads.

The Road Plan has been submitted today but the truth is that it has been operational since November 1st and will be active until April 30th. You have many months ahead of you to deal with any event. With this in mind, the regional delegation provides at least 145 workers (among the staff of the Administration service and cooperating companies), as well as 16 snowplows (with two turbines), nine fire trucks and a command post. With this, they will face safety on 1,000 kilometers of roads.

The operation adds two major innovations this year, which, in the words of the regional delegate, “installed a new monitoring system in terms of flows to always know the storage of fluxes” in favor of further optimization. Flows in large quantities up to 700 tons in machine parks such as Navalmoral and El Barco de Ávila, which they keep in different points and silos and are completed with 70,000 liters of brine.

The second innovation concerns the monitoring of the conditions of some of its routes, which are certainly the most dangerous for weather and winter reasons. There they know in real time what the atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind or dew point is. These are places like Hoyocasero, Navalmoral, and Las Navas where conditions are much more unfavorable than other places with the arrival of the cold.

Together with machinery and human resources, 27 municipalities in our province will have a total of 643 volunteers from Civil Protection groups and 2 Civil Protection associations. Added to this are the resources owned by the Provincial Assembly and provided by Carlos García, which of course put them at the service of Plancal. Yes, “it’s about ensuring the safety of all the people of Avila over the coming months.” In addition to 55 own human resources at their disposal, the President has two people from the protection companies in each of the highway areas, 30 vehicles, 12 snowplows with spreaders, blades or backhoes.

Despite this, he asked “citizens to be aware of different warnings when using certain roads because of their danger”.

Plancal, where all these resources are framed and yesterday held a coordination meeting, goes further because Hernández Herrero was already responsible for remembering that in addition to bad weather on the roads, other actions or facilities that depend on it must be started. About other Ministries such as Health, Family or Education and Presidency. And, for example, access to health centers needs to be guaranteed at all times, or if school or freight transport is affected, sometimes sports centers or cultural and recreational centers such as dormitories are needed, among other things.

Both García and Hernández Herrero encouraged and insisted on the fact that “always go to the official information channels”, of course 1-1-2, by phone or via the website or social networks.

As for yesterday’s meeting, the aim was “no more than to deepen and update the action and activation protocols of this plan (Castilya y León-Plancal Civil Protection Plan). It is not in vain that “ensure adequate assistance and protection of citizens through the adoption of response measures that minimize adverse effects”.

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