Celebrating a year of legal cannabis from Morelos – El Sol de Cuernavaca

Celebrating a year of legal cannabis from Morelos - El Sol de Cuernavaca

This November 24, 2022 marks one year of the Tetecala Plan, an initiative. the freedom to plant, grow and use cannabis sativa statewide nationwide Morelos; Villagers and cannabis users representing non-governmental organizations signed the initiative.

On this first anniversary, cannabis groups and activists informed the public with a symposium on cannabis sativa plants, the processing of the plant, its uses and applications in health, among other topics addressed by experts in the field, such as Andres Saavedra, doctor of law.

Headquarters were in: Morelos CinemaThe auditorium was at 60% of its capacity from the start of the event and Saavedra said: “There’s a good response from science and health.” Admission to the meeting, which ended at 15.30, was free.

Saavedra also reported that the municipalities that have so far provided free cultivation in Morelos are: Tetecala, Cuernavaca, Ayala, Cuautla and Amayuca, having a total of more than 40 families benefiting from hemp cultivation in the state.

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He added that the struggle for the state to truly honor the slogan of “land and freedom” has only just begun, and that the next goal in this sense is to create a decree for the entity to represent the countryside, an industry. “One of the most vulnerable.”

In this sense, he added that they aim to turn the factory into a round enterprise where the hands of the growers win, one year after its implementation: “in particular, it was sought to liberalize the cultivation, export and import of hemp”Saavedra said.

He announced that after the success of the state of Morelos, other states in the country also stepped in. Plan Tetecala and his actions as a lawyer for the release of their assets, which were already on Andrés Saavedra’s agenda but which they are working on in the meantime in Morelos Zacualpan de Amilpas, Ocuituco and Xoxocotla, so that they can grow cannabis without any problems as soon as possible.

“There’s more community release below, they’ve already contacted us from Tijuana, Tamaulipas, Guadalajara, State of Mexico… there are several locations already.”

as special guest To the first anniversary of Plan Tetecala Raquel Peyraube, President of the Uruguayan Society of Endocannabinology-IACM, attended. And a researcher at Monitor Cannabis.

The interviews were short and specific, with Israel Hernández, head of the Commission on Human Rights (CDHM) in Morelos, giving the first presentation, explaining why consumption is a right: “Consumption of marijuana does not constitute a fundamental right, it is a right arising from the use of other rights”, Hernandez was mentioned.

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