Compromís por Mislata presents a proposal to move municipal financial services to ethical banking

Compromís por Mislata presents a proposal to move municipal financial services to ethical banking

Compromís por Mislata presented to the City Council plenary the Center Delàs de estudis par la Pau and SETEM’s proposal to transform Mislata into a municipality free of Armed Banking and committed to ethical financing. According to Javier Gil, councilor of Compromís, “this proposal really seeks to descend and set actions both in the Valencia development cooperation 2021-24 V master plan and in the direction set by the Generalitat Valenciana administration in the action plan for the transformation of the Valencian economic model 2017-27”. The ultimate goal of these two strategic plans is to comply with the SDGs of the 2030 Agenda and they need to be implemented gradually from city halls for Compromise.

In recent months, there has been an increase in the remilitarization and arms race in international relations that have been spared from the Ukrainian conflict. This race is largely fueled by a state-funded military industry that has managed to sell itself as a strategic, necessary, and even guarantor of peace by acting as a lobby. Hand in hand with this war industry and as a necessary element of the business model we find Banca Armada, a group of banks and financial institutions that continue to maintain relationships and do business with manufacturers despite public pressure. and arms dealers.

Javier Marín says new ethical models are necessary for new societies, and likewise we will no longer tolerate our bank having anything to do with the slave trade, just as when you ask for a loan the same bank or your place of residence payroll ends up in countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey or Brazil. dedicated to financing the production of missiles or projectiles. The peace-supporting society is doing it unarmed and fearlessly, like any other business we cannot sustain arms and their exports and consider the effects on people even if these people are from far away countries.

They argue that ethical values ​​unite society in all its aspects, including the economic and financial aspects. There are enough alternatives such as so-called banks that have value, and of course, as the best option, we have so-called ethical banking, which should ultimately be the benchmark for the banking model we should have. collected in a short time.

The fact that the Socialist Party did not vote in favor, using technical pretexts and preserving the so-called rivalry between formations, is proof that the Socialists became reactive and extremely conservative when they ruled alone. According to Javier Gil, “Socialists only make progress when proposed by government partners of the nationalist left. The only guarantee that leftist governments will continue to improve people’s lives is that socialists do not have all the power. In Mislata, the reality is that so-called progressiveness is disguised by absolutist and reactionary practices”. “They went from being the party of No to War with Zapatero to being the party of every Ukrainian under Josep Borrell,” he adds.

They believe from Compromís Mislata that what they propose today will finally be approved in a few months or years. His proposals, once again and as always, go far beyond what the frayed and orphaned socialist apparatus is willing to accept.

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