“Execution was legal and there were no deaths in Spain”

"Execution was legal and there were no deaths in Spain"

Reviews are “biased”. Even though tens of people lost their lives, what happened was “legal and measured”. And yes, “Nobody died in Spain.” Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska said this when he arrived in Brussels this Friday for an extraordinary cabinet of the branch to analyze the situation of immigration in Europe, marked by the rejection of the far-right. The Italian government will accept refugees from the Mediterranean.

On the day that members of the Internal Affairs commission of the Congress of Deputies saw more than six hours of footage of the Melilla tragedy, the PP insisted on asking for his resignation, while Marlaska defended the actions of the police; Unidas Podemos condemned the “neglect of aid” and EH Bildu assured that an “exchange of stones” was taking place between the migrants and Civil Guard agents.

“I’m surprised by so much interest, so much anxiety, and that eight hours of recording has reduced them to one-third,” said Marlaska. they effectively affirm: it was a tragedy in which 23 people died, but it was a violent attack and extreme. where there are civil guards and Moroccan gendarmes, and that the Civil Guards are using proportionate, adequate and necessary means to deal with this violent entry.

The Home Secretary insisted: “It has become clear that it is an absolutely proportionate, legal and necessary action to protect the borders from a violent attack. And that there is no death in the Spanish national territory, that there is no deceased. The conclusion that can be drawn from these images is nothing but the lawful, proportionate action of the State Security Forces and Organizations, especially the Civil Guard”.

However, the main opinion of the PSOE’s parliamentary and coalition partners is that the existing legislation is not complied with and that the rights of immigrants are violated. “The images are stunning and show that the Spanish and European border legislation is not guaranteed. Access to diplomatic offices or border posts is not guaranteed for people who need to seek asylum or international protection. No treatment has been given to these people, it is inhuman treatment. Izquierda Unida’s assistant and “What we’re seeing is a clear lack of relief,” said Enrique Santiago, spokesperson for United We Can in Interior.

They agree with EH Bildu that the footage is “dramatic” and, in their view, shows a violation of the law. “Civil Guard agents appear to be using stones as riot control material. “And you see people falling to the ground due to the disproportionate use of force,” said Jon Iñarritu, spokesman for the Basque independence party.

On the contrary, they defend the actions of the Civil Guard while asking the PP to resign from Minister Marlaska.

“There has been no death on the territory of Spain,” insists Marlaska: “I’m not going to go into biased interpretations, very subjective interpretations, but interpretations that are not contextualized with images and what really happened: an attack on our border, absolutely violent, a tragedy that no one would want to see, but only Spain with European borders A strictly proportionate and necessary action in response to the violence developed by people trying to illegally enter borders that do not belong to Turkey”.

The Minister of Interior recently rejected the European Parliament’s request to appear before the Committee on Freedoms to account for the tragedy. “The European Parliament has been informed that, as the investigations continue in Spain, it appears appropriate and appropriate to wait to emerge. Frankly, it’s okay to go as there’s no problem putting in all the graphic material to observe, organize and draw conclusions from. There are those who did not want to see it completely, they wanted to see it partially. Everyone draws their own conclusions.”

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