From the ice law to the kerosene lamp: Types of violence against women

From the ice law to the kerosene lamp: Types of violence against women

this violence against women is the maximum expression global gender inequality. This is IV. It was discussed at the World Conference on Women (Beijing, 1995) and the goal of the world’s fifth Sustainable Development Goal, this conference, was eradicated. Agenda 2030: “Eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in public and private, including trafficking, sexual and other forms of exploitation.”

This goal highlights the importance of making visible and tackling the issues of abuse against women because very serious human rights violations. Equalization of conditions between men and women is therefore a national and international priority.

Now, what kind of violence against women can be used?

To answer this question, zero wave Interviews two experts in the field.

Carmen Rodríguez, social worker Madrid City Council SADand Mónica López, Social Worker and Fortaleza Program Coordinator Commission to Investigate the Abuse of Women (CIMTM) Distinguish between the following types of violence against women.

Economic and family violence

Economic violence involves being financially dependent on or attempting to do so. gain full control over their financial resourcesprevent them from accessing them and prohibiting them from working or going to school.

physical violence

Monica Lopez argues that physical violence consists of: harm or attempt to harm a partner hitting, kicking, burning, grabbing, pinching, pushing, slapping, pulling her hair, biting her, denying her medical care, or forcing her to use alcohol or drugs, or using any other physical force against her.

According to both experts, this type of violence can also include damage to property.

psychological violence

Monica Lopez names psychological violence “aggression carried out without the intervention of verbal physical contact”.

According to the social worker at CIMTM, such violence includes: disqualification, humiliation, devaluation, humiliation, abandonment, threats, blackmail, control, insults, contempt, shouting, teasing, indifference and criticism, and other acts.

In addition, Monica, psychological violence usually starts gracefully and gradually affects the person. In a way that until then he doesn’t realize It is already under the control of the other in a dependent way.with fear and compulsion.

latter, Carmen Rodriguez Gallego distinguishes four forms of psychological violence:

  • this ice lawAlso known as law of silence: expert points out that this is one of the following subtle forms of harassment. It is characterized by taking actions aimed at ignoring the victim, such as taking the word for a while or pretending not to be heard or seen, until the victim accepts their request.
  • oil lamp: in accordance with carmen rodriguezIt is a type of blackmail in which the aggressor implies that the victim is consciously or unconsciously imagining or exaggerating some situations. This subtle form of abuse has a powerful effect on the victim. addiction, feelings of depersonalization, and loss of control.
  • overprotection: The professional at Madrid City Council SAD argues that overprotection takes various forms. These are their low capacity to set clear boundaries, veto their own initiatives, or avoid disappointment at all costs.
  • loyalty conflict: According to the expert, this type of covert harassment is linked to separation from the children involved. “In a fidelity conflict, separated parents fight to get the child to position themselves unconditionally next to one of their own,” adds Carmen.

emotional violence

Both Mónica López and Carmen Rodríguez use emotional violence as an example. undermining a person’s self-confidence by constant criticismunderestimating his abilities and subjecting him to insults or other forms of verbal abuse.

Likewise, experts say that such violence causing havoc in a couple’s relationship with their daughter or sonor not allowing the couple to see their family or friends.

sexual violence

Carmen Rodriguez claims that sexual violence consists of: “forcing a partner to perform a sexual act without their consent.”

Compliments: flattery or violence against women?

By National Study on the Dynamics of Household Relations (ENDRH)The second area where women are exposed to violence the most in 2016 is society.street, park and transportamong others, where a 38.7% of women were exposed to violence by foreigners throughout the year.

Although many people do not associate street harassment with violence against women, both experts point out that street harassment should be made visible because it is the most important issue. the onset of other more serious forms of sexual violence.

In this context, Monica López, Compliments are another form of sexist violence. “This is a one-sided act, because if a man addresses a woman with physical appearance or with sexually explicit or suggestive expressions, and the woman rejects them, she risks producing aggressive responses,” the CIMTM coordinator adds.

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In addition, the expert draws attention to the following: Key points about this type of verbal violence:

  • Compliments are created like this: personal satisfaction of the person saying itespecially when the compliment is said in front of male colleagues
  • women surprised In a public space that has been established as a dangerous place for them since childhood, thus violating their right to move freely, calmly and safely on the streets.
  • Women are pressured not to “provoke” aggressors, blaming them for the attacks on them.
  • looks for compliment practice subordination of womento establish a position of “power” and “control” on the part of the person expressing it.
  • compliments a manifestation of the reification of womenIt encourages men to be seen as objects of pleasure, perpetuating unequal gender roles and paving the way for violence.

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