Guadalupe Llori still faces possible expulsion from parliament by the state of Orellana | politics | News

Guadalupe Llori still faces possible expulsion from parliament by the state of Orellana |  politics |  News

Guadalupe Llori, the former head of the National Assembly, is facing a second complaint: this time, his former opinion partner Bruno Segovia is demanding that he be removed from his position as legislator for holding prohibited and illegal positions in the public sector. appointment of a legislator.

Llori is still awaiting the impeachment process initiated by the legislator of the Unión por la Esperanza (UNES) bloc, Johana Ortiz, who accused the former president of taking tithes from his collaborators who allegedly paid the rent of a luxury vehicle for the mobilization. when he presided over parliament.

The government and Pachakutik blocked the impeachment of Guadalupe Llori, who was accused of collecting tithes from his collaborators

The former president, in his defense, stated that he was performing the duties determined by law as of the date of the alleged crimes, and that, within his powers, the administrative administration, the secretariat, the general administration, and the coordination; accordingly, the supply of goods and services to the members of the assembly and the legislature was the responsibility of the general administrative coordination.

Therefore, the concept working group The Legislative Task is valid for administrative seats, not for this situation stipulated in paragraph 4 of Article 163 of the Organization Law. “I did not (for this reason) seek or receive any benefits from my working group,” he said.

The process of impeachment is pending after the speaker of the House Virgilio Saquicela suspended the session last Wednesday after agreeing to reconsider Llori’s impeachment vote, which reached only 82 votes.

Since Johana Ortiz, spokesperson for the impeachment motion, was not in the room, she could not complete the process; and therefore the session will need to be reconstituted to resubmit the text of the motion and call for a vote. The general assembly needs at least 92 votes to dismiss Llori.

second complaint

The Legislative Administration Council (CAL) was entitled and accepted to process a complaint filed against Guadalupe Llori alleging influence trading and public office management by legislator Bruno Segovia, who was formerly a member of the Pachakutik ranks.

This process will be brought to the attention of the Ethics Committee, which will have to know the request and, after giving notice to the parties, will need to define a work program that includes the presentation of the charges and defense evidence.

According to the complainant, when Guadalupe Llori was president of the National Assembly, he would hold public office and trade influence in the appointment of various officials in the state of Orellana.

As stipulated in Article 163 of the Legislative Organization Act, the management of public office constitutes grounds for the dismissal of a member of parliament.

As proof, Segovia submitted a list of names that would make it possible to prove irregularity, as it would include the names of political lieutenants in the state of Orellana represented by the legislator.

In his speech at the plenary session of the Assembly, Segovia said that now is the time to clean up the Assembly and raise its reputation.

The Ethics Committee to process a second complaint against Guadalupe Llori consists of José Chimbo (Pachakutik), Luisa González (UNES), Marjorie Chávez (PSC), Dalton Bacigalupo (ID) and Freddy Rojas (BAN). (YO)

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