Montero cancels Podemos action in Murcia due to “brutal campaign” calling for his resignation

Montero cancels Podemos action in Murcia due to "brutal campaign" calling for his resignation

Owned by Irene Montero The capital has canceled a visit to the Artillery Barracks in Segura, scheduled for this Sunday. On the occasion of the submission of Podemos candidates for the municipal and regional elections to be held in Murcia in May 2023. The ‘only yes is yes’ law Promoted by the Ministry of Equality, the purple formation therefore decided to postpone Montero’s trip due to the “brutal campaign” he was exposed to.

This was expressed in a letter to the militants by Javier Sánchez Serna, the regional coordinator of Podemos in Murcia and parliamentarian in the Lower House, where he denounced it with this campaign. He wants “to be sacked as minister and to put an end to all advances by the Ministry of Equality”. In his letter, Sánchez Serna touches on the appalling criticism he was subjected to. Irene Montero During the processing of General Government Budgets, mainly from the Vox rostrum: “What we experienced yesterday at the Congress of Deputies crossed all red lines with personal attacks aimed at destroying the person.”

The MP admitted the minister is worn out personally rather than politically, Considering the criticism it has received from far-right lawmakers in recent days. In fact, Carla Toscano has confirmed in the Lower House that it is the only merit in her political career. Irene Montero “would have studied Pablo Iglesias in depth”Former vice-president of the PSOE-Podemos coalition government.

“Irene is excited about all the support received, but He was also affected by the size of these attacks.”. So they thought it best from the party not to expose him to a visit to Murcia: a community led by the PP, where Vox had significant representation to attack the minister.

“We did a show with him in Murcia this weekend and I know we are all looking forward to seeing him, listening to him and hugging him. But the last few hours have turned everything upside down. As confirmed by the Murcian coordinator, we have to postpone the event in Murcia on Sunday and other events on the route across the region.” to bewhile encouraging purple militants and supporters to attend a rendezvous held this weekend to publicly close the ranks around the minister figure.

Instead, we will collectively take great action to protect Irene Montero.with the participation of other political and social forces, at the Madrid Fine Arts Center at 11:00 on Saturday.” In the MP’s letter announcing the cancellation of the Podemos action in the capital Segura, the minister himself encourages Murcian militants to take action this weekend.

Equality Minister Irene Montero in a video she sent to Podemos militants in Murcia.

For now, the Equality president’s visit to the Murcian lands to present the Podemos candidate, María Marín, for the regional elections has been suspended; Elvira Medina, candidate for mayor of Murcia; candidate Leli García in Cartagena; and Matías Cantabella topped the list in San Javier.

We hope to announce a new date for the Murcia event on Monday.Of course, where will Irene be? However, in the meantime, we have to inform all attendants and companions that the action has been postponed”.

Finally, I want to send a warm greetings to all of you. It is not easy to be a Podemos member these days when we receive so much violence and insults from political tribunes.joyfulethics and media, a climate that later moved to the street and suffered in the first person. But rest assured, this violence is proof that we are making radical transformations. Let’s move on and don’t let them take away our smile and hope.”

“Health, Feminism and the Republic”

The purple coordinator’s words show: Irene Montero is having her worst moment since going into politics. The proof of this is that this letter contradicts the content of the tweet that Javier Sánchez Serna personally started to announce that the Minister for Equality is going to the capital amid the debate over the ‘yes is yes only’ law. Segura will dress the candidates in purple for the next municipal and regional elections in Murcia.

“They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And After numerous (unsuccessful) attempts to destroy Irene Montero with napalm, the Ministry of Equality and Podemos, these actions are taken more enthusiastically. Aim for 27 November,” the deputy made the statement on his Twitter account. In the face of the events in Podemos, they now prefer to gather together to reinforce the minister politically.

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