Morón once again demonstrates his rejection of gender-based violence – Morón Information

Morón once again demonstrates his rejection of gender-based violence - Morón Information

continues with the program of events. on the occasion of 25N The Municipal Women’s Information Center under the Equality Delegation is under development There was a concentration in Plaza del Ayuntamiento this morning.

There was the participation of schoolchildren who read various texts (poems, songs).



In the field of declarations, equality representativeXiomara Romero assured us, “As long as the numbers continue to tell us that women continue to be killed and that these brutal murders still have orphaned children, we will not tire of continuing to claim zero violence against women today.” “

Latter, AMA Moron spokesperson“Unfortunately we need to continue to remember the amount of gender violence that continues to exist,” said Isidoro Albarreal.

On the one hand, he commented that “the numbers continue to rise”, and on the other hand, “what worries us the most is the spread of these theories that the far-right parties deny the existence of this violence”. more. There is nothing worse than denying the truth in any problem.

Albarreal wanted to highlight the participation of schools in the action led by the City Council. “We see very positively the inclusion of schools, especially during adolescence, it is a crucial moment to instill the problem of violence so that it does not recur later on. The work the schools did with the children was very meaningful.”

However, “This City Council pointed out that in addition to setting up all the infrastructure to celebrate such events, the City Council should take measures within itself to prevent such situations from occurring. Currently, this City Council has officials who have been handed final sentences for gender-based violence. We believe that the City Council should also take action in such cases.”

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Third, PP spokesperson, Enriqueta Ayala showed that her party “unanimously rejects” such violence. “We remain committed to standing by the victims and condemning each and every one of the sexist murders that have occurred this year.”

In addition, “We condemn all physical, mental, sexual and economic attacks that women are subjected to in all areas of their lives simply because they are women”.

Similarly, “we want to invite the public to support the victims so that women become stronger and abusers weaker. It’s everyone’s commitment.”

According to Ayala, “PP will always stand by the victims (both direct victims, battered women and indirect victims, orphaned children and family environment), prosecute crime and seek social reparations. Behind every figure is a life cut short, there is pain. , there is suffering etc.”

In this sense, “more and more women are breaking their silence and raising their voices. We are also seeing how new violence scenarios are being drawn, such as cyber violence, violence among the young population, and human trafficking.”

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Therefore, they insist that “public policies aimed at prevention, coeducation and strengthening equality are necessary to achieve a freer, more equal society. The support and unity of the executive, legislative and judicial powers is essential for all to work in the same direction.

In this context, he referred to the law known as ‘Only the law of yes is yes’. “A real, logical, effective legal and legal framework made with a head and common sense. You cannot legislate from banner to BOE, as Pedro Sánchez law does. The government must admit its mistake, correct it and ensure that no offender suffers less than the penalty imposed before this law came into force”.

Therefore, he thought, “There can be no debate over gender violence, there can be no ideological conflict because we are in a democracy and we all have to row in the same direction.”

Ultimately, it revealed that “Spain is a leading country and at the forefront of the fight against the elimination of violence against women, the result of substantial consensus on the best measures to eradicate this scourge. We have professionals who are perfectly trained and qualified in every field, whom we should always thank for their work and professionalism.”

to finish, Adelante Moron spokespersonMarina Segura referred to her latest statements as follows: About this subject.

Photos: Radio Moron

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