Mr. Attorney General, my case involves seven pets killed for stealing.

Mr. Attorney General, my case involves seven pets killed for stealing.

I usually write my political discussion texts in the third person, and use it in the first person for storytelling and poetic expressions. Today, I dare to personalize and bore my readers with the details of my routine life; This is an almost necessary step in expressing my purpose, which is to draw the attention of the authorities to the theft and cruelty to animals I have suffered. This example is the Public Ministry, a justice agency of the State of Venezuela under Tarek William Saad.

Recently I’ve seen the Attorney General be very active at our national events dealing with very different cases: animal abuse, child abuse and exploitation, abuse of power, defamation, attacks on public morals, etc. One of these cases was a girl who was raped and murdered in the Tronconero region of Vigirima, Guacara municipality, Carabobo state, close to my current residence.

He is a very active and powerful prosecutor who became the flag of the new Venezuelan State with the Bolivarian revolution. Let’s say it is one of the most referenced names in social networks, especially on Twitter, a channel I use every day for my job. He even proposed reforming the legal base to decriminalize content in online complaints of child abuse to allow greater fluidity in justice claims; , the future.

I guess through social networks, with her support and social acumen, she was able to deliver those notorious vigilante blows: the case mentioned above is the case of a woman bouncing her baby like a ball (in Zulia, if I’m not mistaken). ), the case of a woman who tortures animals in Zulia, the case of a rapist doing her job in Los Andes and is caught escaping from the bus in Caracas, the case of some people having sex in the middle of ExpoValencia 2022 and in the Las Sábilas sector, Lara state, video of her activities in the so-called “Dark” Current case of four women who sexually assaulted a five-year-old boy for uploading to the Web. Such a persuasive record probably prompted demands for her intervention, even in such an overt situation as the election of Miss Venezuela, where the judges did not blow any whistles at the dance.

My personal situation is very simple and even every day (although it would be embarrassing to say such a thing politically) and in order not to bore you too much, I summarize and explain that I upload it to the network under the foreword. This article is intended to be part of the “happy” files that are handled promptly by the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor, and of course, to attract the attention of the Attorney General. In February 2022 of this year, I left my home in Vigirima, Carabobo state, at 22:00 and returned at 12:10. During such a period, approximately $4,000 worth of household items (refrigerator, freezer, washing machine, stove, TV screen, etc.) were stolen, and in addition to $2,000 in cash, I had to poison the bandits six times. On land he has grooming dogs and a cat. The case was handled by the CICPC-Mariara and the Prosecutor’s Office, logically they carried out the arrest and perhaps rescue procedures, but to be honest, those procedures satisfied the procedural forms themselves, not the victim; He couldn’t even get a stamp out of the stolen pile.

In light of this, since March of this year, a few weeks after the mishap, I went to the Valencia Prosecutor’s Office and file MP-1488620-22, the 11th Prosecutor’s Office was tasked with investigating various aspects of the theft. but nothing happened. I resigned a little, then I tried to punish the bandits with cruelty to animals and the MP-52793-22 Human Rights file was given to me. Until September, when I went to the institution weekly or biweekly, I was very warmly taken care of and they told me not to go any more and they would call me. But I was not sought.

I leave it here because the rest can be interpreted as an allegation of institutional inaction, and believably, this wave does not discourage me. I trust the institution and I know that their work will yield results. The year is over. There are pictures of carcasses of animals. I have witnessed his death. I have a common grave where I put them. Of course, suddenly, like the cases on social networks, I want justice to be served, especially me, a PSUV member celebrating the incorporation and implementation of this animal protection law into our national daily life.

Who am I? Noone. More for the PSUV than a militant ex-member of political groups in Caracas, I recently moved to Guacara, where once again I belong to communal political structures, an ordinary citizen who, as Don Quixote said, wants to right a wrong. I give up my belongings and never my pets but should I lose faith in the justice of my country?

Greetings, the Honorable Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek, William Saab.

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Written by Adem

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