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Galardonados con Premios Solidarios Grupo Social ONCE Catalunya 2022

“Catalonia has a great chance of being a region with many solidarity organisations, companies and organisations, a region full of very humane people working for the rights of the most disadvantaged people. This work is often invisible and deaf and needs to be done. ONCE Catalunya Solidarity Awards president and David, who is also president of the ONCE Regional Council of Catalunya, appears for the whole world to know about it. Bernardo.

The winners of the ONCE Catalunya 2022 Solidarity Awards are:

To Institution, Organization, Legal Entity or NGO: Friends of Great People

To the media or communication project: Disability Diary

To Physical Person: Gloria Channels and Sans

To the business: Bonpreu Esclat

To Public Administration: Mollet del Valles Town Hall

Social sensitivity and dedication

The ONCE Catalunya Solidarity Awards aim to recognize and reward individuals, entities, institutions, media and governments that engage in solidarity work and aim for social inclusion, normalization, personal autonomy and universal accessibility for all citizens. The winners stand out for their social responsiveness, long careers and commitment to the social rights of the most disadvantaged. Together with ONCE managers and officials, Solidarios Grupo Social was awarded with ONCE Catalunya 2022

The winners received the SOLIDARIOS statue in recognition of their work for the benefit of the community.

The ONCE Catalunya Solidarity Awards have been held since 2001. Since then, foundations of Miquel Martí i Pol, Josep Maria Espinàs, Pere Casaldàliga, Isidre Esteve, Pare Manel and Vicente Ferrer or Pasqual Maragall have been honored.

To Solidarity Awards 2022 ONCE Catalunya:

To Institution, Organization, Legal Entity or NGO


An award by members of the Amics de la Gent Gran Foundation for the emotional support and support provided to elderly people living alone in Catalonia. A social project already 35 years old, based on the effort and dedication of around 2,000 volunteers who provide support and closeness to combat varying degrees of unwanted loneliness. They give older people autonomy, confidence, socialization and community participation to break the vulnerability and isolation they may experience.

To the program, article or communication project:


He was born in 2016. It is the first digital newspaper in Catalan to report on disability, social inclusion and functional diversity in Catalonia. It is an independent environment for people with disabilities and their families, institutions, organizations, companies and other social partners related to the field. Diari de la DisCapacidad seeks to contribute, through its content, continuous and updated information, to reflect and honor the image of over half a million people of the disabled world in Catalonia.

To Physical Person:


As president of Aura Fundació and Down Cataluña, he has dedicated his life to making visible and normalizing the inclusion of people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities in society. More than 30 years ago, this clinical psychologist with a degree in Therapeutic Pedagogy was a pioneer in Europe, introducing the “Supported Work” methodology, which showed that people with intellectual disabilities could do a job in an ordinary work environment. Glòria Canals is an enterprising, courageous and inspiring woman who makes the impossible possible. She is a touchstone in the world of the disabled.

To the business:


For special sensitivity and inclusive initiatives to ensure that everyone has access to purchasing on equal terms. The Catalan supermarket chain has adapted its stores to support the purchase of different groups that may be affected by light and noise pollution, such as people with autism or sensory hypersensitivity. They do this on Saturdays from 3 to 5 pm in the so-called “Quiet Hours”: the music line and sound channel are disconnected, the public address system ceases to operate, and the light screens are turned off. There are also customer cards adapted to the Braille system.

To Public Administration:


A local autonomous body created by the town hall, by the Mollet del Vallès Institute of Municipal Services for the Disabled, whose aim is to promote and provide services for persons with disabilities and to ensure their social and work integration. Centers stand out: Can Vila, special education school; When the school education period ends, there is the Bosc Vocational Center and TALLER ALBADA Private Business Center, which takes care of the mentally handicapped.

Judge This year’s ranking of the 2020 Solidarity Awards was made by David Bernardo, president of ONCE Catalonia Regional Council; Enric Botí, ONCE’s regional delegate in Catalonia; ONCE General Counsel Eugenio Prieto; Manel Eiximeno, director of the CRE ONCE Barcelona Center for Educational Resources; Francina Alsina, head of the Catalonia Third Social Sector Asset Chart; Mercè Batlle, chairman of COCARMI (Catalan Committee of Disabled Persons Representatives) and media representatives.

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