The following dollars and pesos of the Oldani case | Legislature fires prosecutor Ferraro for five months

The following dollars and pesos of the Oldani case |  Legislature fires prosecutor Ferraro for five months

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A joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives suspended prosecutor Cristina Ferraro for five months yesterday, who allowed three people to withdraw a million dollars and more than three million pesos from the Santa Fe tourist agency, which operated as a financial cave hours later. The murder of the owner of the company, Hugo Oldani, on February 11, 2020. “They went looking for identification and came out with bags and backpacks,” said MP Leandro Busatto, who acted as the accuser during the disciplinary process. Ferraro was suspended for “misconducting his duties” for two “serious crimes”: failing to protect the crime scene and hindering investigations into where the money was going. However, in Federal Court No. Parliament will vote to remove him from office.

The sanction against Ferraro was approved by 59 votes (out of 42 MPs and 17 senators) and MPs Fabián Palo Oliver (UCR), Carlos del Frade, Dámaris Pacchiotti (Ciudad Futura), Mónica Peralta (GEN), Agustina Donnet and six abstentions from MPs . Rubén Giustiniani (Igualdad) questioning that the disciplinary system of the Public Ministry is in the hands of the Legislature. MP Matilde Bruera and her colleague Paola Bravo agree with the opposition’s proposal but, given the gravity of the Ferraro case, did not abstain and voted to dismiss the prosecutor for 150 days.

Ferraro’s behavior “proved” to be “serious, reckless and unfounded”, Busatto said at the scene. And he recalled that in a case investigated by federal prosecutor Walter Rodríguez, he requested disciplinary proceedings on June 8, the day after the prosecutor was tried for “aggravated concealment” and “abuse of power.” “We were able to prove that the doctor committed serious crimes and therefore deserves a harsh sanction.”

In the process, Busatto accused Ferraro of three facts: 1) Not ordering the “inventory”, “smuggling” and “deposit” of the money in Oldani’s agency. Do not give the order to “open the safe”. And let three people – Oldani’s daughter, husband and marriage mate – withdraw the money “without saving the law.” 2) “Obviously obstructing Prosecutor Mariela Jiménez’s investigation” about the destination of dollars and pesos. 3) Having committed the crimes of “(alleged) aggravated secrecy” and “abuse of power” that accuse him in federal justice as the author.

In his defense before the bicameral Commission on Agreements, Busatto recalled that Oldani’s relatives said he “let him enter” because he “empathy” with the tourist agency. “He let them in to look for the victim’s identity document. What happened? was quite curious because one person asked permission to enter to search for his father’s identity and came out with a backpack full of bags and money, which was confirmed from a video and photos included in the legal case and prosecutor Jiménez motivated the intervention of ”, added the legislator.

“However, Dr. In addition to failing to protect the crime scene, Ferraro committed a second serious crime that hindered prosecutor Jiménez’s investigation. She did not inform Jiménez that there was money at the scene, nor did she give him statements that Oldani’s daughter and husband said were authorized by prosecutor Ferraro himself to withdraw the money to them. And then he didn’t even provide the video that allowed him to observe what happened that night.

“The third issue is what he is investigating in federal jurisdiction, where he is prosecuted for alleged “aggravated secrecy” and “abuse of power.” Not only did the Commission issue an opinion on its near-legal maximum suspension, but we also “suspended the disciplinary process until resolved” by the Federal Chamber of Rosario. Busatto said he would be sacked “if the case progresses”.

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