The most popular Samsung Smart TVs: today only!

The most popular Samsung Smart TVs: today only!

there is 43 inch screenPerfect for even the smallest rooms. Don’t be fooled by its size, because the panel QLED and it has a stunning 4K resolution that will leave you speechless. thanks to technology Quantum HDR+, you can always enjoy incredible sharpness and detail. You will feel that the characters of your favorite TV series will almost leave the screen.

As if that wasn’t enough AirSlim design this will make it suitable for any decoration. Even the most minimalist! And although it usually costs €800it can only be yours 448 € for a limited time.

do you prefer one much larger screen? In this case, this television 55 inch will best meet your needs. This is model QE55Q75BATXXC and QLED panel of exceptional quality. Again, we do not go below 4K resolution. And it is very important that this is the solution in the 21st century!

Samsung QLED 55 inch

It features FreeSync Premium Pro technology and low-latency HDR, so even the heaviest games look amazing. liquids. It is also compatible with HDR10+ and Dolby Atmos in terms of sound. Also some advanced sensors this will make the sound experience incredible. Because it will completely adapt to the room you find yourself in.

With its lightweight design and minimalist panel, you will feel like you are looking at a real work of art. That’s why it usually hangs around. 1.150 €. But now you can just take €649! And it will be a real jewel in your home.

The best Smart TVs of 2022

We have two more Samsung Smart TVs prepared for those who want it. much more demanding. Its price goes up, yes, but at the same time percent discount they have. To show you what we’re talking about, 48% the other is 51%.

The first Samsung Smart in this category Neo QLED TV same year, one of the best you can find on the market. because he has absolutely everything everything you can imagine needing at some point. They screen It’s 55 inches, so you’ll almost feel like you’re in the movies. Although you should know that, in the link we leave you hereyou can also find other sizes have the same features.

hills Perfect The most important feature of this Smart TV is that it has technology. quantum matrix, where both light and contrast are unrivaled. It has Mini LEDs that can reproduce over 1,000 million colors and make you feel like you’re part of the action. To this we must add that it has a strong influence. Neo QLED 4K processor With Artificial Intelligence that will make all the images you see in 4K.

Of course, the price is higher than we’ve seen so far. Approximate cost of this without any quotes 2.000 €. You can only get it for today 985€.

if you’re wondering what is the jewel in the crown, the most powerful television we’ve found, here it is! This is the Samsung TV Crystal UHD model, which is a real beast. there is 85 inch screen, suitable only for the largest rooms… Or for those who want to make room for it! remember this in this linkYou will find other sizes if you prefer.

This Samsung Smart TV has one of the most powerful processors on the market. this Crystal UHD processor, you can never have a single mistake. this nanoparticles Everything that makes up the screen will make you feel like you’re in the cinema with the purest images you can imagine.

Of course it is compatible HDR10+, so everything will be seen with almost unimaginable sharpness and detail. taking Tizen Inside, you can download all the apps you need, even TikTok! In this case, it also brings integrated Alexa.

Its price is usually around €2,500, but right now it can only be yours. 1,229 €. Let me see you!

Where will we stay?

In this case, the decision is largely dimension You want television and how much are you willing to invest in it. If you go big, the last one we’ve pointed out is the best. But if you prefer something more discreet, maybe Model QE55Q75BATXXC be the best alternative. You will not regret it!

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