Why is having a pet good for the little ones in the home?

Por qué tener una mascota es bueno para los pequeños de la casa

More and more households are deciding to include a pet in their family, especially a dog or a cat, but for now there are other options to be regulated by future Animal Welfare law such as birds or rodents in the near future. It is true that taking responsibility for a pet entails. specific obligations which cannot be avoided and which the whole family should participate in. But it soon became clear that exchanges outweighs effort. The love and friendship received is priceless.

However, this is not the only benefit derived from this union. Through this relationship, the youngest boys and girls acquire a range of skills and advantages that will make them better and healthier people.

Two brothers play ball with the family’s dog. free

create an entry responsibility. Helping minors with pet care, from walks to hygiene, walks and games, makes them feel responsible to others and helps them understand that they can do something for themselves and others.

This leads to other aspects, for example improve self esteem Seeing that they can perform these tasks enriched by the fact of unconditional love by the dog or cat without being judged or evaluated. They also learn the value of empathy, respect, and loyalty.

Another important point is socialization. Boys and girls who live with pets become emotionally attached to them, and this helps them build quality relationships with other people. The simple fact of going for a walk with the dog, and this happens to seniors too, makes it easier to interact with other people, especially friends of other dogs. Dogs tend to socialize with each other, which makes it inevitable for people to talk to each other. Also, other kids will come to say hello to the dog, which will help them make friends in the neighborhood.

Having a pet also helps reduce stress and worry. They do this with young and old, but having someone to play with, spend time with, understand each other without explaining too much helps them balance their feelings. In addition, being another member of the family, reducing the feeling of loneliness and in the absence of parents, pets are an emotional support that helps them get through the momentary separation without fear and anger. Even the simple act of petting a dog or cat can raise serotonin levels, creating a greater sense of happiness and calmness.

Cats and children can be perfect friends for life. free

can help comforting troubled children aggression or hyperactivity. Playing with dogs and cats can be calming, but it’s also a stimulant for the brain and body. These games can stimulate imagination and curiosity. Also, taking responsibility for the animal’s education and cooperating in its socialization helps them become aware of their own behavior.

Physically, it challenges them with games, walks, and other activities, forcing us to lead a more active life. abandoning a sedentary lifestyle. This contributes to the development of motor skills, especially in toddlers learning to walk, who are encouraged to follow their friends. It also contributes avoid being overweight as there is a way to go out despite the dog or play to the dog. For the elderly, this exercise and coexistence with an animal is also improve blood pressure and lowers cholesterol, which helps prevent heart problems.

Another benefit for children in terms of health is, immune system strengthens and heals. stay in touch with impurities They beautify it with the skins and feathers of these animals. This way it will be easier for them to experience fewer allergies in the future and reduce their risk of asthma in the future. They’ll also have fewer breathing problems, according to some research, and will be lighter if they’re afraid of them.

Obviously adopt petsbetter than buying it, it means not only contributing to the addition of a new member to the family, but also providing a way to reap the joy that builds on the many benefits they provide to us, especially our sons and daughters.

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