‘1899’ (Season 2): Release date, who’s returning and who isn’t, everything we know about the significance of 2099 and the future of the series

'1899' (Season 2): Release date, who's returning and who isn't, everything we know about the significance of 2099 and the future of the series

The new series from the creators of Dark has taken the Netflix streaming platform subscribers by storm with the story that nothing is as it seems.

It was among the most anticipated of 2022 and soon became a real hit among Netflix subscribers. creators 1899 Jantje Friese and Baran do Odar were behind the success of the first series they produced for the broadcast platform. Dark, is an original German fiction that quickly captivated audiences around the world and aired for three seasons. Therefore, the news that the creative duo is working on a new drama has been a huge joy among fans, and they were quick to confirm it. 1899 sharing your DNA Dark while presenting a completely different story where nothing is as it seems.

first season 1899 It consists of 8 episodes presented to subscribers on 17 November. The first of these, “Boat” (1×01) introduced us to the crew and passengers of a mysterious ship that found a ship that had been missing for months in the middle of the sea. “Key” (1×08)ruined everything with One final “pilot spin” that serves as the perfect icing on the cake for the entire maze of revelations.

Although many questions have been answered and the first mysteries raised in the concluding chapter have been solved, heThe final big reveal only opens the doors to an even bigger and more complex story. which we already look forward to discovering.

Note below Everything we know about season 2 1899.

Will ‘1899’ be a season 2?

Even No official refresh by Netflix and we may have to wait until mid-December for an answer. maybe more. For now, the actors have claimed in different interviews that they know nothing, while the creators have admitted that it was always their intention to continue.

“It is again structured as a three-season mystery puzzle. Dark“, Friese claimed in an interview weekly fun months before the premiere.

Acknowledging that the final episode of the first season was not intended to serve as the conclusion of the story, he said, “Because of the way we approached development and how season 1 ended, you want there to be another one.”

It sure seems like Netflix is ​​interested, because Three days after its premiere, the platform confirmed that the new series is the most watched in 58 countries.

When will season 2 of ‘1899’ start?

filming of the first season 1899 It was about six months in 2021 with severe Covid restrictions. The registrations ended in November 2021, which means it’s been a full year before we see the light of day on the platform.

Thus, if there is finally a second season, it is predicted that it will be released at least in 2024. Especially if the regeneration doesn’t take too long and the shooting isn’t delayed. Likewise, the series is technically complex and, given the outcome of the first episode, it looks like it could be the subject of a major redesign that allows for a change of scenery.

Who is returning in season 2 of ‘1899’ and who isn’t?

Where they are is a complex question. At first, it seems safe to trust that all members of the ship’s passengers, who appear in the final scene with Maura (Emily Beecham), sleeping on the ship, but who could potentially be part of a new simulation, will return.

In this case, the return of the characters in 1899 season 2 is not dependent on their survival in the story, so the list of potential candidates to star in the new installment is quite long: Emily Beecham (Maura), of course, but also Aneurin Barnard (Daniel), Andreas Pietschmann (Eyk) , Miguel Bernardeau (Ángel), José Pimentão (Ramiro), Isabella Wei (Ling Yi), Gabby Wong (Yuk Je), Yann Gael (Jérôme), Mathilde Ollivier (Clemence), Jonas Bloquet (Lucien), Rosalie Craig (Virginia) , Clara Rosager (Tove), María Erwolter (Iben), Maciej Musiał (Olek), Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesen (Krester), Alexandre Willaume (Anker) and Tino Mewes (Sebastian). Unfortunately, none of them may come back.

Of course, with more than a thousand people on board, the possible returns are endless.

Likewise, it seems certain that Maura’s brother Ciaran will continue to be a part of season 2, as he is also responsible for the simulation. But Will we see Ciaran incarnate? Will Maura and Daniel’s father and son return?

What topics will season 2 of ‘1899’ cover?

The most interesting is undoubtedly knowing how the story will continue, but the darkness is almost certain about it. We left the ship behind, we know it’s a simulation, and when we say goodbye to the characters, they’re on a spaceship where only Maura is aware of what’s going on (and we don’t know for how long).

The fate of the first season changes will make the second season very different, there is no doubt about it. to start with jumping in the 200-year time that brought us to 2099but what are they doing on that ship and what is the next step in their story and for what purpose?

Theories are already circulating on the Internet, but the secrecy of their creators, who also did not reveal the end to the heroes, promises to be absolute.

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