5 Apple devices that deserve an update soon

5 Apple devices that deserve an update soon

Apple should consider implementing some necessary improvements to these devices.

5 Apple devices that deserve an update soon

The world of technology is advancing rapidly, and the most important manufacturers in the industry need to progress in parallel. Apple, of course, is no exception. Signature of the bitten apple logo refresh all devices regularly develops different product groups in order to realize all kinds of improvements both at the hardware level and at the software and design level.

However, there are also multiple Apple devices. MacRumors they are currently over 18 months old. The implementation of software and hardware improvements in these terminals will help to provide a more complete and appropriate user experience for our time.

In this list, we will select a collection with Apple devices. deserves an update as soon as possible. As a result, many of these products stand out negatively compared to other devices in the same category.

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Apple devices that need to be updated soon

AirPods Max

AirPods Max

AirPods Max are Apple’s best headphones

AirPods Max launched on December 8, 2020 so they are almost two years old today. It is possible that Apple still does not have many technological innovations to include in its product line. second generation AirPods Maxhowever, many rumors suggested that its arrival is scheduled for the end of this year. second generation AirPods Pro. But it wasn’t.

Some of the improvements that the company with the bitten apple logo can implement on the second generation AirPods Max may be: H2 chip, advanced Active Noise Cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity and Adaptive Transparency mode.

In addition, they can also update this device from Apple. skin detection sensors, U1 chip, charging via USB-C and of course a new color choice.


iMac 2021

Colors of 2021 iMac

The most expert analysts around Apple dare not say whether the Cupertino firm is planning to launch a new iMac model. The current model has a 24-inch screen and M1 chip – Upgradeable with the M2 processor series – technologically far below the performance of chips in the latest MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iPad Pro models.

All we know so far is Apple does not plan to announce the launch of new Macs by the end of 2022, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Apple engineers probably development of M3 chips for the next update It would be the first product in the Mac family of iMac devices to feature the M3 chip.

according to speculation M3 chips to be done with TSMC 3nm technology. M1 and M2 chips are made using the 5 nanometer process. The 3-nanometer manufacturing process will make the chips more powerful and more energy efficient.

Everything seems to indicate that the iMac with the M3 chip will be released. last period of 2023.


Mac mini M1

Apple’s Mac mini with M1 processor

Latest generation Mac mini introduced in November 2020, this 2 year old device needs a new update. But we can’t expect big changes, The new Mac mini will have an M2 chip but it will continue to have the same current design, at least according to rumors.

Although the inclusion of M2 chips in the hardware of the next line of Mac mini will require other things internal changes, Apple seems to refuse to do this. Some rumors suggested that Apple plans to refresh the Mac mini models in 2022, but in the end, this did not happen. Maybe it’s because of the broadcast. Mac Studio. Again, everything seems to indicate that the next Mac mini won’t be out until 2023.

Mac Pro

Mac Pro

Another one of the Apple devices that needs a good update is the Mac Pro. The current model of this powerful computer has been released, no more, no less. December of 2019. Almost 3 years old now.

Apple’s Mac Pro is one of the company’s latest devices on sale to include Intel processors and is the only Apple product without Apple Silicon processors.

Expansion must continue and Mac Pro needs an M2 chip to keep working and offers its users the best performance.

According to Mark Gurman, Apple will introduce the M2 chips in the next-generation Mac Pro, allowing its users to choose from a variety of options such as: “M2 Ultra” or “M2 Extreme” With some price differences to configure your Mac Pro.

ipad mini

ipad mini

iPad mini launched in 2021

apple introduced new iPad Pro modelsof the ipad and iPad Air same year 2022 with M2, A14 Bionic and M1 chips respectively. But iPad mini not updated since 2021. Then it’s time to refresh Apple’s smallest tablet.

The 2021 iPad mini has been released with a complete redesign, taking the modern design without the home button that has been present on other tablets like the iPad Pro for years, updating its styling to give it a “full-screen” tablet look. iPad Air .

However, Apple should not limit itself solely and exclusively to renewing the iPad mini with more powerful processors. There are many other improvements at the hardware level, for example a system with a dual camera module, a display with mini-LED technology or a Face ID facial recognition system.

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One of the last devices that desperately needed a new update was the Apple TV. However, very recently the company launched a new Apple TV 4K to the market Support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+ with A15 Bionic chip.

Here are all the technological innovations we expect against the updated Apple devices. Which company product do you think they should launch next?

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