Acupuncture in pets: the little-known alternative for curing diseases

Acupuncture in pets: the little-known alternative for curing diseases

It is a type of non-invasive treatment that can help improve your pet's quality of life.

It is a type of non-invasive treatment that can help improve your pet’s quality of life.

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this alternative treatments They have become increasingly powerful in veterinary medicine, with acupuncture being one of them. This practice dates back to about 100 BC, when the Yellow Emperor’s classic text on internal medicine describing yin and yang and what it means in nature is known.

According to Lucía Carvajal, a veterinarian specializing in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (MVTC) at the National University, after this observation of the Chinese, “it was said that animals are the same as humans but have four legs” and such was the art of putting needles at strategic points to reduce pain moved to pets and large animals.

this The first animal to be treated with such drugs was a horse. In ancient China, horses were sacred for their colonizing role and importance in warfare. Therefore, when they suffer from any pathology related to painthey put needles in special energy points to reduce their painhowever, this study was exclusive to a veterinarian named Bo Le.

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According to Santiago Acosta, a specialist veterinarian at TCVM, “there’s something called a microcosm in horses, where I can find treatments for various organs at various points. It can even be done just on the hooves so not everyone can cure a horse.”

The use of integrated acupuncture within TCVM has gained popularity as a therapeutic option for animals. energy channels that integrate the entire being. According to experts consulted by La Red Zoocial, qì preserves the material basis of life and the harmony between existence.

“To the Chinese, when you were born it is like a candle burned out, so anything can put it out,” says Santiago Acosta. Therefore, it is important that the points are connected and that the energy flows optimally so that it does not get under control and does not produce much energy or pain.

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According to Lucía Carvajal, disease management depends on how good an acupuncturist is as a veterinarian. But it clarifies that: This type of medicine is not a miracle, it is a form of palliative care practice. “We will not save everything because there are processes in life where not everything can be saved. But I can get over it another way, not with pain, not with abandonment and violence.”

While much has been said about its effectiveness, some veterinarians have recorded cases of success with their procedures, although they warn that it is best to do the procedures comprehensively. “Chinese medicine can become an effective treatment for many ailments, as long as it is done comprehensively. not only with acupuncture, but also with dietary changes, massages and meditation,” commented Santiago Acosta.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Negro, and Chimoltrufia were Santiago’s patients and received successful treatments. According to owner Andrés Mosos, Obi-Wan was brought back to life with acupuncture. “I picked up Obi-Wan from the street, he had no hair because he was burned, and some of them had Cushing’s Syndrome, it’s a disease. occurs when the body produces too much of a hormone called cortisol, I knew Santiago before and told him to help me with my treatment to see how we were doing”.

And it worked, her pain went away and her weight settled down. However, this Creole died at the age of thirteen from a stomach torsion. However, the Negro was behind, a beautiful Creole with no (trimmed) tail with spondylitis (a degenerative bone disease of the spine), and it hurt him so much. It is also treated with acupuncture.

“Black is being treated with acupuncture and cannabis today, he’s been dealing with it for three years, he hasn’t lost his mobility, he continues to walk, and that has helped him a lot with pain control,” Andrés said of his pet. Black lives a calmer, painless and better quality life today.

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remember this Acupuncture consists of superficially inserting very fine needles into specific points on the body. to balance the energies and this can cause stress or fear in your pet. “If the owner is afraid of needles, the session will be a disaster because the dog will feel anxiety and fear, most of the time it’s better to just do it for safety,” said Santiago Acosta about the sessions.

Another is the story of cats, although it is possible to apply comprehensive treatment, it is more difficult to put the needles in because of their behavior. and make them feel comfortable during the sessions. “Anything that exceeds your body’s energy field is very powerful, so I only do this on patients who are already very reduced, but it’s important to know about management,” Santiago commented on these consultations.

Regarding the duration of treatment, Experts say it depends on the situation and the diagnosis. “You can do weekly kits initially, and as the patient improves, you can do monthly or bimonthly batches,” Acosta says. On average, an animal with a dislocation or megaesophagus may need 8 to 12 sessions to complete the treatment. Lasts between each session 40 and 60 minutes.

Finally, you should not forget that these procedures require diagnosis by a conventional veterinarian, So you work hand in hand with them. They can be applied to both puppies and demented animals and consultation intervals 130,000 and 150,000 pesosbut this value depends on the pathology of the animal and, of course, on the veterinarian.

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Overall, this alternative for the treatment of diseases has been well received in the country after knowledge from Asia and Europe reached South America. Even after seeing results in humans, veterinarians began recommending such drugs as supplements to traditional medicine.

“They get along very well with acupuncture, it’s actually good to see that there are more orthopedic processes that can’t be operated on, and there is a recommendation for acupuncture and physiotherapy,” commented Santiago Acosta. It is highly recommended for the treatment of pain and osteoarticular problems in animals in general.

“I recommend acupuncture treatment because I’ve had it done before and I see it working. For example, I recommended it for a puppy that had no legs and would lose mobility, and I saw improvement”: Andrés Mosos, one of the owners who saw positive energy regulation and pain reduction in dogs, told La Red Zoocial. put needles to purify.

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