Antetokounmpo does what he wants to some Cavaliers crying for Ricky.

Antetokounmpo does what he wants to some Cavaliers crying for Ricky.

Giannis Antetokounmpo I was wrong. In a video he made fun of three weeks ago, he said: Serge Ibaka “You can’t have everything in life,” a clear reference to triple attraction. “Dye control, rebound, I’m handsome, I have great teammates… But God said I couldn’t hit triple.” Of course you can’t have everything, but if you want a little more, if you have a little self-confidence, he will have everything. Because all the Greek did it to destroy it on his own – already heated screams ‘MVP’-to some Cleveland Cavalry (117-102) won by 15 points in the middle of the second quarter, losing to Hellene with 38 points (13/20 on shooting), plus 9 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocks. And yes, also shoot triples, few but well established and executed (2/3). Ibaka, who left the game due to a non-Covid disease, did not play.

What the Greek said he didn’t know how to do was actually the idyllic coronation of his rebellion for change. collective from individual effects, None of his teammates reached double digits in the first half. With all the Cavs waiting for him in the paint, Giannis dared to shoot from the perimeter to become the first trio to give the Milwaukee Bucks the lead in the game (67-65, 7:19 of the third quarter). Immediately after, Evan Mobley, Already warned, he rushed into the goal to secure the triple shot but the Greek got in, smashed the rim and left him a nose opening. ‘Anteto’ laughs at himself, but also at everyone.

And those of the Cavaliers, beyond Giannis, fall under the definition of disaster, but on multiple casualty grounds. Ohio team could not explain beyond Donovan Mitchell Y darius wreath, 29 and 20 points but 8 and 3 dreadful streaks of shots in the second half – 3/9 Mitchell and 1/7 Garland – and with only 4 assists between them, they failed to play the game that ended in 12 baskets for the 27 of the Bucks. was lost Kevin Love, Caris LeVert, Jarrett Allen, He was injured during the match. And of course, Ricky Rubio.

Little can be blamed for the team JB Bickerstaff He’s third in the East with 12-7 after the Celtics and Bucks this season, but the need for a quarterback from El Masnou in this kind of scenario – tight matches against opponents coming into the ring with the opponent’s rising dynamics – has been clarified in other cases as well. Lost against the Warriors. Because after the Bucks adjusted their defenses against the penetrations of Garland and Mitchell, the Cavs’ attack came to a halt and both quarterbacks didn’t know how to propose other than repeating the same unproductive play over and over.

It is his who will be seen more than ‘Anteto’ did last night. 38 points, but above all it was a powerful demonstration of how to manage both sides of the court. With his defense in the fall “select and roll”, Floating the manager after the block exit in his role as the block defender, Giannis predicted all intents for Garland and Mitchell from the end of the second quarter and chose to let them shoot once they got off the block. The Greek simply had to verbalize: “Pass you and shoot all you want”.

The kindness of the Greeks was frustrating for the two quarterbacks who, seeing ‘Anteto’ waiting to cut as well, started accumulating hit after miss, looking for no alternative but shooting. continuity. And the Bucks started running and Giannis started having fun, unstoppable open area and quick attacks in the first seconds of possession. Since the success of Hellene, dand Mike Budenholzer, This has been the maximum exponent of collective growth, by passing their first half losses to the Cavs and seeing how the rest of the confidence conveyed by the center started to grow and win the individual duels they lost in the first half. Jevon Carter -Excellent work on the 18 points and back pass curtains-, then Bobby Portis (14).

Y creek lopezHe recorded ‘only’ two trios, who also very skillfully handled the defense of the Cavaliers’ direct block. Enough to clean the paint on the ‘Anteto’ from its surrounding location, a devastating 47% in triples The Bucks last night Giannis also enjoyed attacking all the Cavs when they were down and then getting the ball out.

Figures like Brook López, a “big” sniper—Kevin Love in the case of the Cavs—missed Bickerstaff’s men to make room inside, while also putting more balls in the basket without Allen and nearly zero. Evan Mobley (8 points and 2/12 on shots). Putting up higher blocks to leave Antetokounmpo more exposed with more room to defend produced some good results, but left Giannis very alone in the first half. 22 pointsHe decided to go on alone, sooner or later, and sooner or later his friends would come. And they did. because an MVP candidate He also communicates his fault beyond transforming it into virtue. Between the joke and the joke, the truth comes out.

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