Cancer-causing work duel

El duelo laboral que produce el cáncer

Work is a symbol of health, therefore For many people, losing a job as a result of an injury means new mourning. this causes them to reconsider their own identities. In case of cancer also fear of reintegration, “what if I’m no longer good for it” and “what will my colleagues think of me?” To learn more about these concerns lA few weeks ago, Gipuzkoa Cancer-Fighting Association brought together a few former Onkologikoa patients with company executives. in the third edition of the initiative ties that bind. God’s Evehad breast cancer and Amaia LarreaSuper Amara Head of Human Resources talks about his experiences.

Eva de Dios, of San Sebastian, was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 42 in 2019, shortly after she started working for a new company. “At first, work is the least important. Fear is losing your life, not your job. What I was thinking about was my children.”, says the mother of two boys, aged 9 and 7. However, as time passed and the disease assimilated, the thinking changed. “It’s not easy to go to the company and say you have cancer. you don’t want to feel sadeveryone looks at you differently and treats you like a patient,” she explains.

there is also fear of how the company will behave and how will he react to such news, how will he react. “In my case, the company’s reception was very good and I had very little contact with him. Still, despite the support you might have,and panic begins. Your self-esteem drops to the ground and you think you are worthless.“This woman from San Sebastian, who had to stop and focus on her recovery,” he says.

“There are many disabled people who want to work.. A job isn’t just a salary, it’s about being useful, learning, and having personal relationships. One health problem changes everything“It’s very important to her that sick people feel supported by the company,” says Amaia Larrea of ​​Super Amara. “It’s so important to go on a personal journey with each of them. Every person is different, and some want to be helped, while others take it in a more intimate and personal way.. You should also know how to respect”, explains the Human Resources officer, where they experienced this disease first hand.

Some patients “do not want to say they have cancer” for fear of losing their job. To avoid this work environments should be comfortable and safe spaces for the patient “It’s not easy but hOh, we have to get them to see the company as another support., both from colleagues and managers. When you lose your health, you lose your daily routine, which causes you to be in the same spot all the time,” adds Amaia. “It seems that when you have cancer and you can’t work, you just have to surround yourself with disease, and that’s the worst thing you can do.. Being with people who don’t live with you, being able to talk about other things, and being surrounded by life gives you a rush. It helped me a lot to see the fighters who got through this.” refers to Eva, who, for her part, managed to leave that dark period of her life behind.

recovery and recovery

Then long low caused by such a disease the doctor should evaluate the patient and decide whether you can join your business; if you can work but you are not the same as before; or even if you can’t come back. “Every case is unique. For example, someone who needs to put in a lot of physical effort may no longer be able to do so, so a change is necessary”explains Amaia, talking to him “always” while ensuring that every reinstatement is tailored to every employee at Super Amara.

Eva was told she needed to go back to work after beating cancer, but it wasn’t the same anymore. “When you look at the gallery, you’re fine, but inside you don’t see yourself as talented as you used to.”, he tells. In her case, going back to work meant returning to 24- and 48-hour shifts to care for eight disabled people, clean their clothes and cook all the meals. It’s a physical effort that he can’t do. “I am a very positive person but your desire for everything is running out. You want to live after what you’ve been through, not die working.” aim.

Faced with this situation, Eva contacted the company and sought another way of joining that was more consistent with her current situation, trying to avoid such long shifts. “They told me there was no option to only work in the morning. The door was closed to me not because they didn’t want to, but because there was no option B due to the type of job,” he explains. Eva, 45, decided to look for a new job and move on. AgainIt’s not easy to rediscover oneself after an illness like this.. “It doesn’t start again, I have too many whips behind me. I am an energetic person, but you have a kilo on your side. Now do you feel like you can’t be yourself again?” indicates.

At such times, the people around you, your family, your friends, and your co-workers also psychological help In his case, this work came from the Cancer Control Association, where they have always guided him about it. workers’ rights and it finishede how to react to each new step. “This is what happens in many companies. He is not known to distinguish between recovery and recovery.. This is something that needs to continue to be promoted, and communication with the patient is essential for that,” he observes.

“Companies are required help them in the desert of cancer. You must support and reassure them, even if it is necessary to follow up. When they see a call from a coworker or a manager, we need to make them think it’s because someone cares about how they are doing, not because of something at work. The personal should be above business.”, Eve concludes.

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