Felipe VI sees Grisolía as a visionary who devoted his life to improving society

Felipe VI sees Grisolía as a visionary who devoted his life to improving society

25.11.2022 13:57


King calls legacy of Valencian scientist who died aged 99 ‘indestructible’

this 34th Rei Jaume I Awards Founder Prof. Santiago GrisoliaHe passed away in August at the age of 99. The show started with an emotional moment later joined by the king. Felipe VI focused most of his life. Speech to recognize Santiago Grisolía’s legacy, which he describes as “inexhaustible”. The monarch wanted to bring “an exciting memory of love, admiration, and gratitude” before the presenters.

In the words of the king, Grisolía, “a universal Valencian who dedicates his life, passion and talent to improving society through science” “a visionary” for his work with the human genome. Felipe VI remembered how he had met her “more than thirty years ago” and considered it a “fortune” to share “very important prizes for Spain” with him. “It’s always been an honor and a pleasure to do this,” he admitted.

Likewise, Felipe VI emphasized “Professor Grisolía’s curious, serene and generous gaze” in addition to their “stretchability”. “Santiago Grisolía’s energy and activity up to the age of 99 was incredible.”

Regarding the winners, King VI. They deserve the applause and support of our country.”

The monarch remembered that more than a century ago, on this day, Albert Einstein presented his Theory of Relativity, but at the same time, that before Einstein, Jerónimo Muñoz of Valencia began astronomical observations—four centuries ago—and these observations are now in effect. He stated that he questioned the approaches. In that case.

From both, the king emphasized his “humanistic spirit” and “creative imagination”, a quality also possessed by Santiago Ramón y Cajal, which is also quoted by Felipe VI.

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