Incredible technological display for Qatar 2022 World Cup

Incredible technological display for Qatar 2022 World Cup

What are the technological innovations brought by the World Cup in Qatar? Here are the latest solutions.

Incredible technological display for Qatar 2022 World Cup

Qatar is the first World Cup venue to be held in the Middle East. Since his appointment in December 2010, there are many doubts He has been accused of bribery and corruption and has undoubtedly dismissed top officials and some of FIFA’s main leaders. Despite this, the choice has always been immutable and therefore one should act accordingly. Why does the Qatar World Cup contain technology that has never been used before?

From air conditioning systems in stadiums to spaces designed to have connectivity over Wi-Fi networks. There are many innovations brought by the most important event of the football world. Qatar has been a particular challenge with the temperatures and therefore the entire sports calendar had to be interrupted. so the tournament can be held here in complete safety. Regarding the investment made, everything shows that money is not an issue.

Let’s see, therefore, What happened to the technological deployment that was accomplished? Why are we faced with all these months, probably in a few years, to stop having this competence, and of course to what extent some of these measures may have a future in the world of sports. Here are some keys to understanding this strange World.

A World Cup with revolutionary technology in the world of football

How much does it make sense to have a World Cup? Temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius? This event caused a change in the calendar and therefore will be held between November and December. For the first time in history, a stadium will have air conditioning powered by renewable energy. installation of solar panels on the entire deck. The aim is to lower the temperature enough so that the environment is not too hot.

Incredible technological display for Qatar 2022 World Cup

Qatar’s stadiums have solar panels for renewable energy. Picture: basque wave

In the 8 stadiums built specifically to host the World Cup, there are integrated areas with the latest connection technology for those who attend the matches. This is a revolutionary measure in this kind of field that could be expanded to other countries if successful enough. Yet the most important innovation directly related to the sport itself. What is semi-auto offside? This is a measure that can make the sport more fair.

It is a technology applied in the balls created by Adidas especially for this World Cup. Dubbed Al Rihla in this edition, the ball has an interesting suspension system inside. In this way, there is a motion sensor used to communicate with a program. constantly watching the players from one team to another. Thanks to the provision of this technology, it is possible to detect a potential criminal, no matter how small.

We’ll have to wait and see if this type of technology is successful throughout the Championship. We are facing a World Cup that has undoubtedly shown to be different because of everything surrounding its celebration. this Qatar 2022 World Cup calendar She crossed out her first date on November 20 With the opening match where the home team faced Ecuador. Before them are historical matches that could make this event be remembered as something without a repeat.

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