Is it legal for them to charge you two more euros for a tenth of the Christmas Lottery?

Is it legal for them to charge you two more euros for a tenth of the Christmas Lottery?

As Christmas approaches, many of us are already thinking about Christmas dinner, spending time with our family, and most of all, spending time with our family. christmas lottery; A grand prize draw that fills homes with hope and illusion.

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This year, There will be 2,380 million euros and one-tenth of it, As always, €20 each. However, some of you may have seen how a €2 surcharge is added every time you buy a decimal, and this is not always legal. We tell you when you should never pay extra for one-tenth of the Christmas Lottery.

In what situations can we see additional fees on lottery numbers?

There are two ways we can see additional fees when purchasing a Christmas Lottery. One of them is legal, the other is not.

In case of participation, it is normal to charge additional fees as it is considered a donation. That is to say, schools, neighborhood associations, sports teams, etc. shares are often added to the price as a donation to the business.

Another situation where we may see a surcharge on our lottery number is one that affects bars, restaurants and other businesses. We can see how these for one tenth they get 22€ instead of 20€, is the legal selling price.

Is it legal to be charged for lottery tickets?

Although it is common for us to buy shares, it is important to emphasize the importance of the donations we mentioned. State Lottery and State Betting Corporation only, SELAE expressly permits such organizations to do so. That is, this surcharge can only be considered applicable when there is an explicit authorization for it.

In the case of bars and other establishments, and under SELAE, this surcharge is illegal and they also urge those affected to notify them so they know where to get these numbers and can act. In accordance with what determines the law regulating bets and lotteries in the state.

Therefore, the surcharge on an entry will only be legal where SELAE has express permission. And when it comes to businesses, this app is completely is illegal and should be brought to the attention of the authorities.

What should we do when we see a tenth of the lottery surcharge?

When it comes to affiliates and we feel there is no reason for us to charge this additional fee, it is essential to contact the organization to see if they have such authorization. Otherwise, as we have stated, it is SELAE itself that is requesting it from us. We contact them directly. In the case of bars and shops it will always be necessary to make and report this contact.

Getting in touch with SELAE is quite simple because they offer different ways of communication on their website. Therefore, anyone who wants to make sure that the additional fee they want to apply is legal or not, can submit the query using one of these communication ways.

On the other hand, if it is to inform you about a specific situation, it is important to provide information through your communication channels. We send you the following information:

  • The tenth number, string and other data appearing in it.
  • The additional fee that the organization is willing to impose on us.
  • The full name of the organization as well as address, NIF, owner, phone number, email, etc. any information we can provide.

Where can you buy a tenth of the Christmas Lottery?

We can go to the administrations or do it online to buy the Christmas lottery tickets. If we choose to make our purchase online, we should always look for web pages listed as accredited. It is also important that all documents related to the transaction are recorded, as well as recorded. download number if emailed to us or other tools.

In no case is it recommended to purchase outside of these sites and in case of doubt it is always better to check with SELAE whether a physical or online organization has been approved for the activity in question. Otherwise, we must inform them once again about this situation so that they can take action and avoid fraudulent situations.

Buy half tickets: is it legal?

Family, colleagues, etc. There are a lot of people who usually buy a tenth of it along with it. There is also a number of recommendations to consider in these situations, because we remember that if a tenth was appreciated, it would be paid to the bearer. Thus, those who do not have one tenth physically cannot claim their payment. In this case, it is recommended to make a document, even by hand, in which the tenth data and each person’s participation in the prize are determined.

As always, the Christmas Lottery fills us with dreams, illusions and lots of hope. However, it is important to note that there are some situations that should be avoided.

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