La Nación / Insurance for pets has become a reality thanks to Interasistencia

La Nación / Insurance for pets has become a reality thanks to Interasistencia

This Saturday, comprehensive assistance company Interasistencia launched its “Your pet is protected” service dedicated to pets, insurance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The presentation of this new aid took place this morning at the Textilia complex where brand collaborators were present with their pets.

The host of the event, Toto González, offered the services that the pets that are part of this insurance will have and are divided into three plans: Basic, Plus and Premium. Some of the services available to pets include: 24-hour veterinary care, outpatient medication, x-ray, ultrasound, legal advice over the phone, pet hotel and others.

“Your protected pet is a series of assistance services that are dedicated and super focused on pets living in Paraguay for now. It is therefore a combination of different assistance services such as hairdressing services, pet spas, among other emergency services.”

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Influencer Puppa Careaga was present at the launch. Photograph by Emilio Bazan.

Salim Salemma announced today that pet owners will have to apply for all services for pets separately, but thanks to this insurance offer, they will have everything in one place, with costs starting from G. 33,000 per month. The manager explained that plans can be tailored to the needs of companies that add this assistance to their benefits. “A product to adapt, that’s the core of our business,” Salemma said.

“We are a corporate-run company, so we sell it to companies so they can benefit their customers and collaborators. Probably very soon insurers of insurance companies, users of banks, collaborators of different companies will be able to benefit from pet assistance, this is how they will be able to access it in 2023”, Interassistance Executive Director commented.

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Salim Salemma stated at the launch that it was estimated that there were more than one million dogs in Paraguay. Photograph by Emilio Bazan.

To launch this new pet-led advantage, the company Interasistencia conducted more than 6 months of research to determine comprehensive insurance for pets along with their basic needs. Salemma did not rule out the expansion of existing services in this pet-friendly product, as worldwide analyzes reveal many advances in this area.

Regarding potential competition with veterinarians, Salemma said, “On the contrary, it means an alliance with veterinarians, we have a lot of respect for their work and their work. “What we do is connect needs with services, we believe the more users, the more veterinarians will benefit, they are our ally, that means growth for everyone.”

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