Legal sector in Colombia to bet on digital transformation

In recent years, Lawyers and law firms accelerate their digital transformation to automate tasks, organize time and avoid sanctions and make sound decisions in their legal processes.

Technology has become an overused tool for them to optimize their work. Improve customer service by minimizing disastrous human error in legal and legal matters.

However, in such a conservative industry, digital adaptation processes are slow and even according to a survey by the consultancy firm Ernst & Young (EY) on post-pandemic trends in the corporate law market, where is too much? 300 leading Latin American companies, He found that 70% have a desire to have better technological tools, but only 20% have software in their organization.

Although there is a similar situation in the sector in Colombia, it is one of the tools used in Turkey. different holding companies and law firms legislature, A digital option born in 2010 to manage and automate the documents and information of different legal processes carried out by the firm.

Using a case management or case management philosophy, this digital tool is only judicial processes, but also administrative, internal, labor or contractual processes, among others.

“Despite their habitual resistance, law firms recognize that they cannot delay the need to evolve and adapt to a new reality where the weight of digital is increasing,” said José Antonio Currea, managing director of Legis.

Legisoffice is currently available through its platform or through an application that allows any lawyer to enter and access the information on file.

It is important to note that it has seven study modules that include time management. cases, contact directory, process flows, special reports, document reports, templates for any process, duly updated, and sample minutes containing constantly updated information according to Colombian law, prepared by expert lawyers with many years of experience.

Another conclusion of the EY research is that the industry largely thinks it has the modern tools available for the job it does. This assessment is mainly the use of legal information information portals, that is, the so-called content management.

For this reason, corporate law departments, like most areas of companies, the challenge and need to innovate to be more efficient in their business, but they need to go beyond traditional parameters to incorporate big data technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud, among other things.

José Antonio Currea, gerente general de Legis.

“We’ve decided to go out of the box to think and do things differently, and that’s what we’re trying to contribute to the legal industry, which is a tool that truly supports change and supports digital transformation,” Currea said.

Developed by Colombian engineers and programmers, the tool also Workflows (workflows) that allow information about processes in general so that they can be implemented for the management of any small, medium or large company and not just in the legal field but in its day-to-day operations.

Same way, Considering that it is not easy for anyone to make such a change in their company, LEGIS, Currently, it also offers digital transformation consultancy for any organization that includes the work of its team of engineers and lawyers.

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